The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 65.1


The wind and snow finally stopped on the barren star.

Xu Qiu opened the window and looked at the sky, which had cleared up.

Although it had previously been pitch-black outside, it was still daytime as if it were night.

It was too early to go to bed as the snowy areas became brighter.

About half an hour later, the outside world fell silent when the wind died down, and Xu Qiu began to greet the cubs: “It’s sunny, everyone. Let’s go out to enjoy the snow.”

Their kindergarten is growing in size. There is also plenty of land in the area. During this time, the dormitory was upgraded by one level. There is an additional yard, even though the dorm has not grown taller and more vacant rooms have been added.

Xu Qiu planted the yard with fruit trees, and she planted cherry and osmanthus trees.

She brought those delicate flowers inside, and these trees are immobile.

When Xu Qiu looked out the window, the yard was littered with fallen leaves.

It wasn’t just dead leaves that fell off naturally, but fresh green leaves blew down by the wind.

“Let’s build a shed for these trees and put away all the branches,” Xu Qiu was distraught.

Plants are extremely valuable on this planet. The majority of the seeds obtained from the Diamond Star will die.

To get food for the kindergarten, she went to the system mall and exchanged gold coins for seeds of the same kind.

Others may not care, but as the current owner of the Barren Star, Xu Qiu understands how important the environment is to the planet’s development.

There will be species diversity with a variety of plants.

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