The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 65.3


No, it’s a hamster, not a mouse!

Xu Qiu has never raised such a small thing herself, but she has a friend who does. Outside the school, hawkers often sell hamsters in the streets and alleys.

Most of the time, they use a small, clear plastic cage with some sawdust. Some are fancier and have a roller.

These hamsters are fluffy and fleshy, with two black mung bean eyes closed and two pink claws stiffly placed on the chest.

Even if they were fortunate enough to survive, they would have suffered a concussion due to being dropped so hard, and they would be in a coma.

“1,2,3…11 , 12…39, 40!”

The sharp-eyed cubs began counting the number of hamsters and exclaimed, “40, Hamster Thieves!”

“Hamster Thieves, I think I heard that somewhere?”

Jin Xingxing, who is most familiar with the outside world, scratched her ears.

She prodded her communication device, then searched for keywords, and sure enough, she found it.

“This is it! These are the Red Gold and White Bandits! The infamous interstellar bandits.”

Because hamsters are terrible at naming, they named the team after the original hair colour of the majority of the members.

 “Wow, it’s the Forty Thieves!”

“Principal!” exclaimed the cubs to Xu Qiu.

Xu Qiu’s previous story was about the Forty Thieves and the treasure.

Do these shadowy hamsters have any treasures?

Xu Qiu couldn’t give a positive answer in front of the cubs’ curious eyes.

Please don’t ask her; she has no idea; this group can’t transport all the treasures on their spaceships.

However, this is not always the case. After all, this spaceship appears to be quite large, and it should contain many useful items.

“Is everyone still alive? Or are they all dead?”

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