The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 66

Chapter 66

There were so many injured people at once, and the underground clinic came in handy.

The cubs are also unwilling to put these strange guys on their territory, whether it is the place where they play in the classroom or the dormitory.

Xu Qiu and the cubs loaded the entire 40 hamsters, the big rabbit, and the little robot into a warehouse where some miscellaneous items were temporarily piled up.

There were two groups of soldiers. Xu Qiu and the cubs examined the injured together, while the rest of the team went to the wreckage of the hulk to retrieve the still-intact items.

Xu Qiu operated the machine, and the cubs took turns picking up the hamsters and transporting them to the clinic for examination.

Not to mention that the cubs were very unhappy when inspecting on their own. Still, they were enthusiastic and active when examining others and seemed very interested in observing.

[Minor injuries, thighs and calves burned]

[Slight burns…]

The designed medical equipment has a very fast detection speed.

The hamsters in this group have relatively severe burns on their bodies and cut wounds.

The most important thing is that [these people are armed with dangerous weapons].

The kindergarten’s interior has long been reduced to the domain of Xu Qiu and the cubs.

With the new year’s arrival, Xu Qiu’s character level has reached level 15, raising the kindergarten’s defence level by another level.

If they throw these people here, regardless of the number of opponents, they don’t care what happens to the injured people, but the opponent is armed with lethal weapons.

Xu Qiu told the cubs not to touch the hamster.

These hamsters were slightly larger than the slap-sized ones she remembered, but they were still small, like the little balls kids play with.

Otherwise, these hamsters would not be able to pass for snow gophers.

No matter how weak she was, Xu Qiu could easily lift one out.

She grabs the fur on the other’s neck and vigorously shakes it.

What the hamsters were hiding fell off.

Pocket knives, handcuffs, explosion-proof lighters, silver needles, drugs, and perfume are all on the list.

All potentially hazardous items are swept away.

“Come on, everyone, help, and find out what’s on them.”

This is something the cubs enjoy!

The little fox swayed left and right, casually grabbing two with its front paws.

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