The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 67.1

Nobody out of the forty thieves awoke.

It was the big white rabbit, who seemed to be covered in snow.

It’s perfectly natural. According to the injury test, the wounds on the white rabbits are substantially lighter than those on the hamsters. There are no burns on the body, only some impact wounds.

Xu Qiu had a strong suspicion that the most serious harm the other party had experienced was from the head that his little robot had knocked on.

But this was done by himself and had nothing to do with their kindergarten.

Xu Qiu momentarily untied the rabbit’s bindings due to the injury inspection.

She watched the big white rabbit, which looked like a snow dumpling, raise its front limbs, hiding its spherical headshell, then put both front paws down and stand up staggeringly.

The expression on Xu Qiu’s face shifted from =_= to =O=!

The white rabbit’s little short legs sprang up, then grew higher and higher until they became four long legs!

What is the problem with this bunny? Why is it so unlike those short-legged bunnies?

When you’re crouching, you look so cute; why do you stand up so strangely? What a terrifying occurrence!

“How are you feeling?”

It’s quite good to wake up. She can now determine who this person is. It also explains why he is here if he is the police officer tracking the 40 thieves.

After all, their kindergarten only has so much space, which is insufficient to house 40 hamsters.

Small animals, such as hamsters, appear to enjoy nocturnal activities.

Her friend used to claim that people with neurasthenia would go insane if they heard that clacking noise at night.

The White Rabbit:…

This big white rabbit stared blankly at Xu Qiu.

His expression spoke the familiar lines: Who am I? Where am I?

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