The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 69.1

This man prefers to stay in the basement which the cubs detest.

The underground environment, like those underground business streets, is not good; even if shopping malls and clinics may be arranged to make a commercial street model, its ventilation is doomed to be significantly inferior to the outdoors.

That is to say, the two young bat brothers like this kind of environment a little bit, but when they think of those icy needles, they reject this area in their hearts.

The cubs were curious about this white rabbit, and a group followed Xu Qiu to the underground research institution.

It may be due to his attractive face or long legs. The man in the gray overalls appears to be a nobleman.

His temperament and clothes cannot reflect his true identity, but people can tell he is wealthy simply by looking at him.

A planet master who will be targeted by thieves must be very valuable. Is this a peculiarity of the wealthy?

The man turned to face Xu Qiu after noticing her.

Compared to his bewildered appearance when they first met, the man’s expression this time was more indifferent and alienated.

With such a temperament, a cold face, and only white hair, it’s difficult for people to link him with the snow-white rabbit.

Even though the opposing party has a strong lead, this is Xu Qiu’s territory.

“Mr. D, you may now walk outside to rest. The underground location is not helpful to your wound’s recovery.”

Xu Qiu also discovered that the big white rabbit is Mr. D from the heart sounds of the group of hamsters.

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