The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 68.1

Chapter 68.1

Xu Qiu turned around and fled the room hastily.

She took a deep breath and motioned for the little robot assistant who had come with her to stay.

“You wait here first, and I’ll go get some clothes.”

In the kindergarten, there were just cubs and two adults, Xu Qiu and Jin Xingxing.

They also specially created several other sets when they previously tailored kindergarten clothes. In addition to kindergarten clothes, there are labor clothes for hard tasks that are thicker, more resistant to friction, and less likely to become dirty.

It’s not good-looking, but he can wear it.

When Bai Sa transformed into a humanoid, the fur on his body became a pair of fur pants.

Because the white rabbit is coated in fur, it only makes sense that it would leave some loincloth.

Xu Qiu isn’t sure if the man should have been wearing underpants right now.

Is this the distinction between a cub and an adult?

When she noticed his shirtless torso and long bare legs, Xu Qiu turned around and glanced at the stranger without being disrespectful.

However, she couldn’t stop picturing the other person’s gleaming white thighs.

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