The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 68.2

“Oh my God, boss, tenth, seventeenth, everything on our body was lost, and my artificial arm was melted.”

Was that cruel person responsible for their appearance?

You said that such a wealthy planet master could be so stingy, vindictive, and with great vengeance.

“Rich people are not a good thing.”

This kind of outraged language came from the hamster thief’s mouth and seemed extremely funny.

“What are you doing? You haven’t come to help me bite the rope yet.”

When these hamsters realized they were still alive, their first thought was to find a way to get free.

The people who trapped them were extremely stupid. They only knew how to get rid of their equipment, but their teeth were also excellent weapons.

Some hamsters cried when he stated this: “My former teeth, the teeth are gone.”

All of their teeth were intact, but the artificial metal teeth had all been knocked off.

The Evil Planet Master.

“Principal, they call you the evil planet master!”

The cubs echoed these people’s words to Xu Qiu and read their hearts.

Then they babblingly learned some words, all of which would be harmonious.

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