The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 69.2

Bah rabbit, reject him, and beat him!

“Strange, your kindergarten is unique. There are many unusual species that have been collected.”

Xu Qiu couldn’t fully understand what the strange visitor said.

The other party did not appear to have amnesia.

Of course, Yan Dong had no recollection of the past. He would undoubtedly know his cheap nephew if he remembered the past.

This nephew is said to resemble him only in the color of his coat. Yan Dong doesn’t care much about his family, and he finds him more and more disgusting because he looks like his biological father.

There is merely a tenuous blood link but no emotional foundation. Yan Dong’s basic impression of Bai Sa in this circumstance is possibly enmity for the same family.

But, for the time being, Yan Dong has forgotten the past.

The bang in the head caused by the stupid little robot caused congestion in Yan Dong’s brain, causing him to have a mild concussion and forget part of his memory.

However, Yan Dong is not a fool, nor has his temperament changed dramatically.

Amnesia is not a type of magic that can transform one person into another.

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