The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 70.1

“I’ve just called the cops.”

She looked enraged and dissatisfied.

Xu Qiu sensed Jin Xingxing was upset and took the big fox aside.

For the time being, the cubs do not need to be aware of the negative sides of the adult world.

“What do you say over there?”

“When I called the police, things were just starting to go smoothly, and they said they would come,” Jin Xing clenched her teeth, her lovely face somewhat twisted by anger: “After reporting the address, the other side did not speak and asked us to solve it ourselves.”

She called the police and informed the opposite party that the hapless Forty Thieves had arrived on their planet due to a spaceship crash. She requested that the law enforcement authorities remove these violent criminals as quickly as possible.

The other party then enquired attentively about the forty thieves’ conditions and whether there were treasures in the spacecraft’s debris.

Jin Xingxing replied honestly since she could send a video and film the Forty Thieves situation for those people.

The conversation is fairly normal here.

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