The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 70.2

The school clinic has now been added, making it an all-in-one facility. It’s nice to have various parties contribute to the icing on the cake, but there’s nothing to be sad about if you miss something.

“Was the kindergarten in the city where you stayed the last time similar to ours?”

“Of course not,” Jin Xingxing refuted subconsciously.

Her current location is far more prosperous than her hometown, so her hometown is superior to this location.

After all, even if her hometown is deep in the mountains, it is also densely forested. The mountain is still close to town. You can go to town to play after you get down from the mountain.

She could go to school like other kids when she was younger. Although the school was in tatters, there were still many youngsters from different families. She may study hard and then move to a bigger city.

“But Lily and the others haven’t seen these things,” Xu Qiu pointed out.

Jin Xingxing became speechless.

Her daughter has gotten so big as a result of her that she can no longer see the outside world.

Although you can watch videos on the Internet inside the kindergarten, the videos are only images, which is not the same as the immersive real experience.

“What are we going to do now that we only have so many people?”

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