The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 71.2

“Be quick, don’t dawdle or the food will not be warm for too long in winter, I cooked a box of leeks for everyone today,” Xu Qiu told the cubs.

When fried food is cold, it tastes less delicious.

On the other hand, Xu Qiu cooks one or two fried meals for the cubs every now and then since they are tasty.

Those cubs who still had a lot of questions in their hearts vanished as soon as she finished speaking.

Except for the removal of the previously attached robotic arm, most of the hamsters start up without a hitch. They can live a regular life if they become human, but it is quite cold presently and a little chilly outside, making people tremble.

After all, they are criminals who can bend and stretch, and at first, they dared to reject the terms Xu Qiu gave.


The hamsters are resisting the terrible cold this winter by virtue of their righteousness, no, they are bandits, as they smelled the aroma of thick rice and witnessed others devouring warm food.

The comparison was too tragic, especially when they heard the cubs swallow their food and they were hit in the soft spot all at once.

Unfortunately, the big guy stepped outside and risked his life for what? You can eat whatever you want, and it’s not just for the sake of fragrant and delicious food.

People are eating hot food there now, and these unlucky guys suffer here. The hamster thieves aren’t extremely tenacious. They all caved in at the same time.

“Principal! We will do everything you request! Let us do our best to assist, or we shall starve to death and be unlucky to be outside the kindergarten.”

These bandits had evil eyes and could spot Xu Qiu at a glance. The little human female is the true kindergarten master; as long as Xu Qiu opened her mouth, the other cubs would not do anything to them, even if they were unhappy.

There appears to be nothing to be ashamed of in other people’s territory because others cannot see it anyway.

The hamster thief is unaware that the cubs can hear their conversation.

“These men are so shameless that we can’t possibly become like them.”

The cubs expressed their anger at such adults, and Xu Qiu took advantage of the situation to speak a few more words: “Yes, everyone must not learn from them.”

What an excellent negative textbook.

The 40 thieves who steal and play tricks are clearly not grownups to learn from, and the other white rabbit is also a bad teacher.

Yan Dong was often too busy at the research institute to eat. When he was starving, he simply drank the nutritional supplements.

Most of the other researchers at the institute have the same issue, and they are in high-risk groups, such as gastrointestinal disorders.

Yan Dong couldn’t care less about eating because no one was watching and caring for his three meals daily.

He concentrated on disassembling the old instruments, entirely ignoring his hungry stomach.

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