The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 56.1

Chapter 56.1

Jiang Shining’s face darkened the following day when she saw all of the fan art and fanfiction sprout up overnight like spring grass.

Why are these internet users so eager to write fanfiction about her?

Lin Qingqing called after a while and carefully pleased her, “Ningning, I didn’t expect… Someone would do this. It should be all right?”

Jiang Shining let out a soft sigh. Lin Qingqing was worried about the person on the other end of the phone. “In that case, get ready and prepare,” Jiang Shining said.

“Ready for what?” Lin Qingqing appears bewildered.

“Come with me to the star-gathering night.” Since the trend is there and the facts are there, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the heat,” Jiang Shining said.

Furthermore, they are both females. Some of their budding relationships on the Internet are also cutely emphasized and have positive ridicule, which is far better compared to that between men and women. Jiang Shining sees it all as very simple: whether it’s herself or another artist, as long as it’s shown in public, it’s a commodity. She is no exception; if everyone likes it, it must be used to their advantage.

Lin Qingqing was blown away after hearing this. “You are really a werewolf, You even rub your own heat.”

Jiang Shining went downstairs after hanging up the phone and saw Jing Xuan and Jing Yuan sitting in front of the TV. “You are really a person who brings hotspots with you. A random ‘like’ can be so popular, how amazing,” Jing Xuan lamented as she approached.

Being able to attract attention inexplicably, with one’s own enthusiasm, is also a sign of strength.

He couldn’t help but think that if Jiang Shining entered the entertainment industry, she’d be a huge success.

“What’s the matter?” In contrast to Jing Xuan, Jing Yuan paid little attention to online matters.

Jing Xuan then explained it to him, which Jing Yuan found difficult to understand.

“These netizens are too idle.”

“This is the entertainment age.” Jiang Shining sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

Jiang Shining asked Lin Qingqing to come to the company when she had time a week later, on the day of the star-gathering night and instructed her stylist to bring the dress Lin Qingqing would wear to the party.

In general, the big bosses don’t care about trivial matters like what the artists wear, and even if they do, they will only look at them after the decision has been made. However, the atmosphere at Ninglu Media appears to be one of harmony between the top and the bottom, and Jiang Shining came to personally supervise as if testing the designer.

Although the decision was made on the spur of the moment, the stylist was very experienced, and the several sets of planned dresses taken out for Jiang Shining were not of the wrong kind. Anyway, Lin Qingqing looks good, and even a sack can be tempting.

Jiang Shining examined each style and rejected it. Although these dresses are common models and cannot go wrong, they are far too common.

“Find her a white one, a fairy kind.” Jiang Shining said to the designer, “she should give the feeling of echoing her character based on the film.”

The designer understood and went back to looking for a suitable dress immediately.

Lin Qingqing, on the other hand, sat by the side, watching the fun.

“By the way, Ningning, what gown are you wearing?”

“Me? I can just wear whatever I want, I’m not an actress anyway,” Jiang Shining said as she flipped through the catalog.

Several high-end clothing companies approached her, hoping she would wear their high fashion. Jiang Shining assumed that only actresses would be given this opportunity, but she was surprised when these manufacturers approached her. But, after looking around, she realizes that no one else shares her taste. She isn’t picky, so after she gets it for Lin Qingqing, she’ll take another look at it.

The designer brought Jiang Shining some pictures and photos of foreign female models dressed in high-fashion attire.

Jiang Shining looked around and noticed one.

“This one is really good.”

The graceful black female model in the photograph was dressed in a long white gown, the skirt gauze shimmering with a little starlight. Under the light, it appears to be a noble and pure princess in a gown.

“I love it!” Lin Qingqing smiled as she looked over, “like a fairy’s dress.”

“Then go try on the dress with the stylist and ask her to get you a hairstyle.” Jiang Shining explained.

Lin Qingqing happily exited, and Jiang Shining opened and read her files for a while.

The secretary had just called her.

“Boss Jiang, another clothing brand wants to speak with you about dresses. This one does seem to focus on a light luxury style, which is considered a niche brand abroad and has only recently entered the domestic market,” the secretary said.

“All right, let’s take a look.”

Soon after, there was a knock on the door, and a woman in her thirties dressed in a suit walked in and smiled politely.

“Hello, Boss Jiang; I’m delighted to be meeting with you.”

The other party introduced herself while handing Jiang Shining the catalog she was holding.

“These are the ones our big boss personally selected; please go over them.”

Jiang Shining flipped it open and her gaze paused before slowly turning over the second page and finishing the entire book.

She was astounded because the ten sets of dress samples chosen from the other side were all to her liking.

It’s great if one matches her preferences, but how could each one be so close?

It’s good if one is in line with her taste, but how could each one be so much to her liking?

“Yes, but our boss is from abroad.”

Jiang Shining handed her the picture book after closing it.

“I don’t think it’s too bad; set up a meeting to discuss the contract.”

“I’ve brought it for you, Boss Jiang. Take a look,” the other party said, pulling a contract from her handbag.

Jiang Shining took it and read it; it was clear that the other party hoped for a long-term collaboration between the two parties; they would provide Jiang Shining with dresses, but Jiang Shining would have to cooperate with their promotion, such as posting Jiang Shining’s photos on the official microblog, and so on.

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