The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 56.2

Chapter 56.2

Jiang Shining took it and read it; it was clear that the other party hoped for a long-term collaboration between the two parties; they would provide Jiang Shining with dresses, but Jiang Shining would have to cooperate with their promotion, such as posting Jiang Shining’s photos on the official microblog, and so on.

“My appearance rate is way lower than that of star actors.” Jiang Shining gave a light smile. “When you sign this type of contract with me, you will suffer. I might only show up a few times a year.”

“This is just a rough draft; if you’re willing to work with us, you can change the contracted object to an artist. For the long-term development of our two companies, our boss said that this time we can provide you with clothing,” the other party said softly.

Jiang Shining frowned slightly.

The sense of inconsistency has just intensified.

She had never believed in such a good thing before because they had never met. Furthermore, the dressings are provided, and the haute couture worn by regular celebrities ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. How can the opposing party be so kind?

“Who is your boss?”

“Sheng Chen.”

Jiang Shining had never heard of this person before.

She had a strong suspicion that this person was also an old acquaintance.

“Your boss Chen is very courteous, but I can’t go without merit. If your boss has time,” Jiang Shining said, “we can meet.”

“I’m sorry, President Jiang, but our boss is still abroad.” The opposing party apologized, “We offer this time so that we can sign a long-term contract with you in the future. You can also use the leasing method if you do not intend to sign in the near future.”

Jiang Shining had the impression that the other party was cunning. Although the female employee said it euphemistically, she felt the other party was unwilling to show up before signing a long-term contract. She also stated that after seeing her doubts, she quickly changed her mind about leasing.

Jiang Shining smiled lightly, “Then I won’t be hard on others. See off guests.”

The female employee was taken aback. She had never seen anyone like this before. She’d said it before, and she liked it a lot. As a result, because the bosses of the two parties did not have time to meet, the business was not discussed. Is this too erratic?

Jiang Shining researched the brand after dismissing the female employee. However, upon further investigation, she discovers that she can only find design directors, almost all of whom are foreigners. She can’t find any information about the boss.

Jiang Shining remained wary of strangers who appeared out of nowhere after the shock of meeting Xiu Lingfei from Longteng Group. It is preferable not to discuss business and to avoid meeting new people.

Lin Qingqing called her from over there to say she had already changed her clothes and sent a picture. Lin Qingqing was dressed in a long white dress. She was originally white, with a snowy complexion. She wore a small gold ornament on her forehead as if she were a princess.

Jiang Shining was very satisfied.

“Yes, it’s so lovely,” she said, “your graceful appearance is the same as it was before.”

There were beauties in Xiu Lingfei’s harem back then; each of them was unique, and each should be cared for at the top of people’s hearts. But Xiu Lingfei didn’t know how to cherish it while sitting on top, and it broke the hearts of a large number of lovely ladies. Jiang Shining couldn’t help but scold him.

Lin Qingqing still felt she lacked Feng Fuman’s acting abilities and experience and was concerned about her future. But as soon as Jiang Shining saw her photo, she knew Lin Qingqing would not go hungry, even if she was a vase in the entertainment industry.

 After finishing Lin Qingqing’s look, Jiang Shining made herself a cup of tea and sat in front of the computer to surf the Internet. The bored netizens in Jing Yuan’s mouth were ecstatic; some drew pictures of the two of them, while others shouted, even though they had never been in the same frame. Lin Qingqing didn’t have any photos other than the preview, and it was hard to identify another photo with the same frame.

Many people hope that the film will be released soon and that Jiang Shining will appear in more shows highlighting her face so they can edit the MV.

Jiang Shining hooked her mouth corner.

Jiang Shining arrived home in the evening and saw Jing Yuan sitting on the sofa, holding his phone and typing, but when Jiang Shining returned, he didn’t even look up.

Jiang Shining approached Jing Yuan, who was scolding netizens.

Happy Life 2019 is Jing Xuan’s new registered name.

Netizen: Wow, this heroine is much more attractive than her boss!

Happy Life 2019: If your eyes are broken, go to the treatment as soon as possible, and don’t delay the treatment time.

Netizen: This is the gods’ face. Previously, the surname Jiang blew the faces of gods all over the Internet. She didn’t embarrass me to death.

Happy Life 2019: Then why are you not dead yet? Do you need my help?

Soon after, a group of provocative netizens attacked Happy Life. Some people are purely keyboard warriors who enjoy scolding female celebrities for venting their rage, but they did not expect to come across an inexplicable trumpet. The two sides were still very lively at first, but soon the other party was no match for the Happy Life, and the Happy Life could damage the other party simply by swearing.

Netizen.keyboard.warriors: Damn it, the boss is poisonous! It’s terrifying!

What is poisonous? Chu Jing Yuan, who is not in the entertainment industry, was puzzled, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that the other party had conceded defeat.

The poisonous mouthpiece of Jing Yuan won, and the nitpicking netizens gave up and deleted the provocative comments, leaving Jing Yuan to raise his head in satisfaction.

“Brother, brother, am I good?”

Then he realized it was Jiang Shining who had been standing behind him.

The scene was extremely embarrassing.

Jiang Shining straightened up, reached out her hand, and pushed Jing Yuan’s head half helplessly, half indulgently.

“Are you not tired of doing something like this?”

Jing Yuan laughed.

Jiang Shining walked upstairs. The study door was open, and she saw Chen Tanliang sitting there. Jiang Shining was instantly relieved after seeing Tanliang was still sensible.

She walked up quietly and saw Chen Tanliang sitting in front of the desk with his head down, his phone in his hand, and his typing making a crackling sound.

Challenging netizens: Am I the only one who thinks they’re all sailors? I’m not interested in this company or its female CEO. I’m too good at hyping myself up. It’s so ugly, I can’t even see it.

Chen Tanliang typed quickly.

User2384012: Be careful what you say!

Then click Report Comment: Personal Attack.

When I returned, I noticed another comment under User2384012.

Happy Life 2019: If you have no eyes, please contact the hospital as soon as possible, and blind people should not go online.

Chen Tanliang was elated.

As a result, User2384012 and Happy Life 2019 became followers of each other.

Jiang Shining, who watched the whole process: …

Okay, you two really know how to play.

The author has something to say:

Ning Ning: Today’s son is also not easy to manage on a daily basis!

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