The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 57.2

 And Jiang Shining was really beautiful, coupled with the same personality in the past, Chen Sheng was almost speechless. He has seen many beautiful women in his life, but Jiang Yiru seems to be the one who is different.


     Jiang Shining felt the man’s eyes almost glued to her face. In fact, Jiang Shining really didn’t like this look. In her previous life, she and Chen Sheng didn’t have any enmity, but she didn’t like men looking at her like they were looking at prey.


     “Chen Jiacheng.” Jiang Shining frowned.


     Only then did Chen Sheng come back to his senses. Seeing Jiang Shining’s face, he smiled, which seemed to be self-deprecating.


     “What are you laughing at?” Jiang Shining said.


     “Looking at your eyes, I know you don’t love me at all.” He said, “You lied to me when you said you loved me in your previous life.”


     Jiang Shining wanted to explain to him what happened before, so as to clearly explain her attitude and position. But Chen Sheng had already said, “I probably know.”


     He took out a book from his briefcase and shook it at Jiang Shining.


     This book is Jiang Shining’s mission to evacuate the Republic of China.


     “I’ve been a bit suspicious of your changes before.” He said, “Until this life, I read this book… the Jiang Yiru in it is the one I’m familiar with. And I should have died at the gun of that person. But all that changed.”


     “Your thinking is right.” Jiang Shining said.


     She roughly told Chen Sheng about the previous incident.


     In fact, Jiang Shining really hoped that Chen Sheng or anyone could wake up after hearing these things, and then simply say goodbye to her.


     Jiang Shining could see that Chen Sheng’s mood was unpredictable, the man’s eyes flickered, as if he wanted to ask Jiang Shining a lot. If it was Chen Jiacheng in his previous life, he would definitely have something to say. However, he seems to have changed a lot.


     Chen Sheng smiled slightly, and said lightly, “Let’s not talk about the past. After all, you are Jiang Shining, and I am Chen Sheng now, so it has nothing to do with the past life, right?”


     Jiang Shining was a little surprised that he thought about it so quickly, “You’re right.”


     Chen Sheng nodded, “Then let’s have a good meal and reunite as old friends. You saved my life back then, and I owe you no matter what.”


     In fact, under Chen Sheng’s indifferent appearance, his heart was dying of pain.


     He really loves Jiang Yiru.


     After Jiang Yiru died of illness, Chen Jiacheng discovered her sincerity. He kept blaming himself afterwards, because he climbed up too easily, got carried away with complacency, and insisted on pestering Miss Luan to end up in this situation. Jiang Yiru blocked a shot for him and saved his life, only then did Chen Jiacheng realize that he was wrong. But he realized it too late. He not only broke Jiang Yiru’s heart these years, but also made her disabled.


     His feelings for her were mixed with love, family affection that accompanied him over the years, as well as self-blame and regret.


     After Jiang Yiru’s death, Chen Jiacheng was depressed. He felt that Jiang Yiru’s life was taken away by him. So later he restrained himself a lot. When Chen Tanliang was twenty-four years old, he was nominally a young marshal, but in fact Chen Jiacheng had already handed over all the military power to him.


     After so many years of tempering, Chen Jiacheng, who was uneducated, became the calm Chen Sheng now.


     Even though Jiang Shining said that these were just tasks that made him feel sad, but after so many years, Chen Sheng didn’t care about love or not, he just hoped to get Jiang Shining back and treat her well.


     But Chen Sheng also knew Jiang Shining’s character very well. After the first test of Jiang Shining’s refusal, he knew that he would resent him if he directly said his feelings, so he took a few steps back and stabilized the relationship between the two parties at least on a friendly level.

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