The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 57.1

This chapter was translated by Sufi our new translator.

There were still a few more days till the party, so Jiang Shining began to choose a dress for herself slowly.

Unexpectedly, the female worker who came to find her before called her again.

“CEO Jiang, our boss sincerely hopes to cooperate with you. You can choose a dress to attend the party first. He will come back after the New Year and then you can meet him to discuss the contract.”

“No.” Jiang Shining was very calm.

In the afternoon, the same phone call came again.

“CEO Jiang, can we meet in the daytime on the day of the meeting?”

“No.” Jiang Shining was still firm with her decision.

In the evening, the female employee hesitantly holds the mobile phone and looks at the boss.

     “Boss, the other party is so shameless. Are you sure you want to…?”

In the office, a man wearing a dark grey pinstriped suit was sitting on the sofa. His black hair was slightly long and combed to one side. A black scarf is also hanging around his neck, which looks like a black boss on the beach.

Chen Sheng crossed his legs and nodded his chin.

“Keep fighting.”


     There is no other way, the secretary can only call again.


     “Is your family making harassing calls?” Jiang Shining couldn’t help but say after the call was connected.


     The corner of Chen Sheng’s mouth hooked slightly.


     “CEO Jiang, can we meet tomorrow?” the secretary said. She glanced at Chen Sheng’s face, and said, “You can also set a time.”


     “Then tomorrow.” Jiang Shining said.


     She mentioned the name of a big hotel and then said flatly, “It’s just that this kind of hotel requires reservations, and your call was too late.”


     “It’s okay, we will settle the appointment issue there.” The secretary said patiently.


     When she hung up the phone, she turned around incomprehensibly.


     “Boss, she is deliberately making things difficult for others. Why do you insist on cooperating with such a person?” She couldn’t help but said, “This kind of person is not worthy of you.”


     Chen Sheng’s hand was on the back of the chair, lighting up an old-fashioned lighter between his fingers while nibbling some seeds standing behind the chair.


     He raised his head, glanced at the secretary, and said flatly, “Is it my business, or yours?”


     The secretary fell silent immediately.


     Chen Sheng stood up and walked to the French window, his slender fingers were still opening and closing the lid of the lighter. He took a cigarette from his pocket and lit it.


     “This is the last time.” After a while, he said, “I don’t like women who gossip, no matter how outstanding your professional ability is.”




     The reason why Jiang Shining chose the afternoon was to prevent a situation like the last meeting with Feng Fuman from happening. The serial killing calls of several cubs made her almost doubt her life.


     In the afternoon during working hours, it will definitely be much quieter. As for whether to tell them about it—of course not. Everything is taken care of by her son, where does she put her face?


     However, apart from the annual celebrity party on the weekend, Jiang Shining only had a little to do before the end of the year. After the new year, the new variety show will start filming.


     In the evening, someone sent her a message, saying that ‘the hotel room has been reserved, and I will see you at one o’clock tomorrow afternoon.’

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