The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 58.1

Chapter 58.1

When Xiu Lingfei looked at Chen Sheng coldly and Chen Sheng looked indifferently at him.

“Boss Chen, long time no see.” Xiu Ling Fei said with a fake smile, “The world is really small. You two also know each other?”

Men are the best at figuring out how this kind of love rival will react, and all of a sudden, the air gets tense.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Over there, three people walked over, and it turned out to be the third son of the Xiu family.

The eldest and second elders of the Xiu family still didn’t understand what was going on, but the third Xiu Jingrui couldn’t forget the woman in front of him, even if she was wearing sunglasses.

“Jiang Shining, why are you here?” Xiu Jingrui immediately frowned.

At first, Jiang Shining’s identity was matched with a vicious female partner, and later she broke away from this setting. Therefore, as a domineering president, Xiu Jingrui reacts sharply to enemies who may harm his own woman.

“Boss Xiu, what a good upbringing.” Chen Sheng spoke with a faint smile.

Xiu Lingfei was stunned. He turned his head, suppressed anger in the corners of his eyes, and looked at his sons.

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