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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 67.2

Xu Qiu has been greedy for these rewards for a long time, but there are many jobs on it, all of which are to bandage the wounds.

This cubs’ fur is fine, and there is no wound, and it is impossible for the cubs to injure themselves in order to complete this quest achievement intentionally.

It is even more difficult for her since Xu Qiu is more scared of pain, and if a girl is hurt, there will be scars.

It is a good constitution that can be cured, but it will take a long time and the scars will not fade.

But now!

Xu Qiu’s gaze was drawn to these unfortunate thieves.

Here’s a ready-to-use tool for these tasks!

Looking at the clash between the two sides, the snow-white Arctic hare is likely to be on the righteous side, even if it is not a law enforcer.

Xu Qiu had no plans to release the rabbit at the moment. After all, as soon as he awoke, the other party smashed the hamster with a sledgehammer.

This is done to avert potentially disastrous effects.

But, within a certain range, Xu Qiu thought she could choose to be kinder to the Arctic hare.

The two groups of individuals who appeared out of nowhere kept Xu Qiu and the cub busy, and they concluded their work late at night.

The initial hot pot ingredients were far too late to eat, but everyone gathered around and ate it for an hour or two before the next day.

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Xu Qiu threw everything into the pot and prepared a spicy hot pot.

Her scorching and numbingly delicious hot pot is a type of dry stir-fried food. Dishes that have been washed for a long time are poured into the pot, followed by Xu Qiu’s secret chile oil.

Xu Qiu didn’t pour much, considering the cubs’ ability to eat hot food.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 67.1

Nobody out of the forty thieves awoke.

It was the big white rabbit, who seemed to be covered in snow.

It’s perfectly natural. According to the injury test, the wounds on the white rabbits are substantially lighter than those on the hamsters. There are no burns on the body, only some impact wounds.

Xu Qiu had a strong suspicion that the most serious harm the other party had experienced was from the head that his little robot had knocked on.

But this was done by himself and had nothing to do with their kindergarten.

Xu Qiu momentarily untied the rabbit’s bindings due to the injury inspection.

She watched the big white rabbit, which looked like a snow dumpling, raise its front limbs, hiding its spherical headshell, then put both front paws down and stand up staggeringly.

The expression on Xu Qiu’s face shifted from =_= to =O=!

The white rabbit’s little short legs sprang up, then grew higher and higher until they became four long legs!

What is the problem with this bunny? Why is it so unlike those short-legged bunnies?

When you’re crouching, you look so cute; why do you stand up so strangely? What a terrifying occurrence!

“How are you feeling?”

It’s quite good to wake up. She can now determine who this person is. It also explains why he is here if he is the police officer tracking the 40 thieves.

After all, their kindergarten only has so much space, which is insufficient to house 40 hamsters.

Small animals, such as hamsters, appear to enjoy nocturnal activities.

Her friend used to claim that people with neurasthenia would go insane if they heard that clacking noise at night.

The White Rabbit:…

This big white rabbit stared blankly at Xu Qiu.

His expression spoke the familiar lines: Who am I? Where am I?

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 66

Chapter 66

There were so many injured people at once, and the underground clinic came in handy.

The cubs are also unwilling to put these strange guys on their territory, whether it is the place where they play in the classroom or the dormitory.

Xu Qiu and the cubs loaded the entire 40 hamsters, the big rabbit, and the little robot into a warehouse where some miscellaneous items were temporarily piled up.

There were two groups of soldiers. Xu Qiu and the cubs examined the injured together, while the rest of the team went to the wreckage of the hulk to retrieve the still-intact items.

Xu Qiu operated the machine, and the cubs took turns picking up the hamsters and transporting them to the clinic for examination.

Not to mention that the cubs were very unhappy when inspecting on their own. Still, they were enthusiastic and active when examining others and seemed very interested in observing.

[Minor injuries, thighs and calves burned]

[Slight burns…]

The designed medical equipment has a very fast detection speed.

The hamsters in this group have relatively severe burns on their bodies and cut wounds.

The most important thing is that [these people are armed with dangerous weapons].

The kindergarten’s interior has long been reduced to the domain of Xu Qiu and the cubs.

With the new year’s arrival, Xu Qiu’s character level has reached level 15, raising the kindergarten’s defence level by another level.

If they throw these people here, regardless of the number of opponents, they don’t care what happens to the injured people, but the opponent is armed with lethal weapons.

Xu Qiu told the cubs not to touch the hamster.

These hamsters were slightly larger than the slap-sized ones she remembered, but they were still small, like the little balls kids play with.

Otherwise, these hamsters would not be able to pass for snow gophers.

No matter how weak she was, Xu Qiu could easily lift one out.

She grabs the fur on the other’s neck and vigorously shakes it.

What the hamsters were hiding fell off.

Pocket knives, handcuffs, explosion-proof lighters, silver needles, drugs, and perfume are all on the list.

All potentially hazardous items are swept away.

“Come on, everyone, help, and find out what’s on them.”

This is something the cubs enjoy!

The little fox swayed left and right, casually grabbing two with its front paws.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 65.3


No, it’s a hamster, not a mouse!

Xu Qiu has never raised such a small thing herself, but she has a friend who does. Outside the school, hawkers often sell hamsters in the streets and alleys.

Most of the time, they use a small, clear plastic cage with some sawdust. Some are fancier and have a roller.

These hamsters are fluffy and fleshy, with two black mung bean eyes closed and two pink claws stiffly placed on the chest.

Even if they were fortunate enough to survive, they would have suffered a concussion due to being dropped so hard, and they would be in a coma.

“1,2,3…11 , 12…39, 40!”

The sharp-eyed cubs began counting the number of hamsters and exclaimed, “40, Hamster Thieves!”

“Hamster Thieves, I think I heard that somewhere?”

Jin Xingxing, who is most familiar with the outside world, scratched her ears.

She prodded her communication device, then searched for keywords, and sure enough, she found it.

“This is it! These are the Red Gold and White Bandits! The infamous interstellar bandits.”

Because hamsters are terrible at naming, they named the team after the original hair colour of the majority of the members.

 “Wow, it’s the Forty Thieves!”

“Principal!” exclaimed the cubs to Xu Qiu.

Xu Qiu’s previous story was about the Forty Thieves and the treasure.

Do these shadowy hamsters have any treasures?

Xu Qiu couldn’t give a positive answer in front of the cubs’ curious eyes.

Please don’t ask her; she has no idea; this group can’t transport all the treasures on their spaceships.

However, this is not always the case. After all, this spaceship appears to be quite large, and it should contain many useful items.

“Is everyone still alive? Or are they all dead?”

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 65.2


It was almost dinnertime, so Xu Qiu rolled her sleeves and went to the kitchen to prepare food.

Because she was unworried about the cubs, Xu Qiu went outside and warned them once more: “Be careful when you play in the snow, don’t freeze yourself.”

Jin Xingxing smiled at the little foxes and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of them.”

Xu Qiu greeted the robot assistant, saying that the pickled cabbage was ready to eat some time ago.

They could eat a steaming hot pot of sauerkraut today.

Xu Qiu asked the robot to dig a few stones from the mountains because they didn’t have such a large pot of ceramics.

Most of them are connected. She tells the robot to use the chisel to cut a big piece out of the whole stone, drill a big hole in the middle, and then make the earthen jar.

The robot could create not only earthen jars but also large and small stone pots, stone pestles, and stone mills.

The stone pot is used to make bibimbap, the stone mill to grind the beans, the stone pestle for various seasonings, and the system produces some herbs.

The stones have been washed with water several times to ensure they are clean and easy to use.

At this point, the cubs in the yard screamed.

“Look, look, look over there. The sky’s on fire!”

Xu Qiu dashed out of her work area. Sure enough, a fiery meteor appeared dozens of kilometres in the sky and then crashed heavily into the ground.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 65.1


The wind and snow finally stopped on the barren star.

Xu Qiu opened the window and looked at the sky, which had cleared up.

Although it had previously been pitch-black outside, it was still daytime as if it were night.

It was too early to go to bed as the snowy areas became brighter.

About half an hour later, the outside world fell silent when the wind died down, and Xu Qiu began to greet the cubs: “It’s sunny, everyone. Let’s go out to enjoy the snow.”

Their kindergarten is growing in size. There is also plenty of land in the area. During this time, the dormitory was upgraded by one level. There is an additional yard, even though the dorm has not grown taller and more vacant rooms have been added.

Xu Qiu planted the yard with fruit trees, and she planted cherry and osmanthus trees.

She brought those delicate flowers inside, and these trees are immobile.

When Xu Qiu looked out the window, the yard was littered with fallen leaves.

It wasn’t just dead leaves that fell off naturally, but fresh green leaves blew down by the wind.

“Let’s build a shed for these trees and put away all the branches,” Xu Qiu was distraught.

Plants are extremely valuable on this planet. The majority of the seeds obtained from the Diamond Star will die.

To get food for the kindergarten, she went to the system mall and exchanged gold coins for seeds of the same kind.

Others may not care, but as the current owner of the Barren Star, Xu Qiu understands how important the environment is to the planet’s development.

There will be species diversity with a variety of plants.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 64.2

The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 64.2

Furthermore, their spaceships have undergone significant transformations, and their defence level is relatively high, indicating that they will not be easily damaged.

As a result, they charged forward there, and others smashed the rear base camp.

“What’s the problem?”

The hamster controlling the spaceship quickly drove the spaceship to check the situation using the detector.

He noticed a small spaceship above the sky as soon as he looked up.

The muzzle, which was still smoking, was aimed coldly at them.

“It’s Dr. D, it’s Dr. D’s ship!” cheered the locals.

Yan Dong, as the planet’s owner, must, of course, maintain a sense of distance from the residents, so he does not reveal his true name in front of residents. On this planet, he was known as the cold Dr. D.

“These nasty robbers are finished!”

The hamster group did not doubt that the residents would start singing and dancing if it hadn’t been for the bad timing.

At this point, the hamster guarding the hatch used the broadcasting device to communicate with his companions: “What are you doing now? Why don’t you take off quickly? He got the latest attack device.”

The person in charge of guarding the spaceship is the most skilled with these instruments and mechas.

He observed it and immediately determined the opponent’s strength.

That thing is quite pricey. If you want it, it is not only about money; you can get it with a very high position.

A gun like this can be worth more than their entire regiment’s net worth.

This Dr. D is a filthy rich man!

People are floating in rivers and lakes; how can they avoid being stabbed, and how can they succeed every time?

Hamsters are far more tactful than humans. They immediately walked back like dumplings after receiving the notice from their military advisor, and some of them, still standing in the crowd in a daze, also quickly spread their feet and ran wild.

Fortunately, all the hamsters could board the ship before the spacecraft was closed, thanks to the foot speed gained by stepping on the running circle for an extended period.

It never occurred to them that they had spent so much time and effort on such a long and meticulous plan that they would eventually fail because the enemy underestimated the enemy’s military equipment.

The one-eyed boss was irritated, so he slammed the console hard, and the screen cracked, transforming the once-complete and smooth screen into a mottled cobweb.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 64.1

The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 64.1

The sky is as gloomy as usual for Asteroid No. 17792, an ice and snow planet, but the person standing on the ground still feels that the surroundings are very bright because looking past, it is full of white snow.

The fluttering snowflakes continued to fall, and someone left a few footprints in the snow, which would soon be covered by another piece of snow.

“Do you want to come back to dinner with me tonight, Xiao Bai?”

A beautiful and hot girl carried a suitcase. She is a tour guide on the ice and snow planet, specifically in charge of receiving visitors.

The young man she asked about had lovely light-grey eyes.

He has a round face but is not fat; his overall facial features are delicate; his eyes are also round, and he appears friendly.

 The young man, affectionately called Xiao Bai, shook his head: “I’m working for Brother Li today. You should go back first.”

“Pay attention to your body because it’s windy at night.”

It was unfortunate, but being reunited with her family was more important. She returned a few times before leaving the spaceship base, dragging the suitcase behind her.

The spaceship base lets people see the famous ice and snow planet in the universe.

This location’s amusement facilities are all made of various ice and snow bricks.

An ice and snow street, an ice castle, and a specially divided ice and snow playground

It’s busy and lively here, which is very different from the indigenous areas.

The majority of the playground’s employees are the planet’s permanent residents. They have thick snow-white fur and appear part of the ice and snow world.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 63

The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 63

In clockwise order, Xu Qiu, Little Green Snake, Mu Zhi, Two Bat Brothers, Little Fox, Big Fox, You Yu, Zhu Niang, Hua Lan, Bai Sa, Yuan Jiu.

You Yu told the story of the sea witch, and Zhu Niang told the story of his snail man friend.

“This is not my personal experience, but it is from a friend of a friend.” This is an actual story. On weekdays, the snail family, our distant relatives, carry their shells and move slowly.”

“Is this the same kind of spicy screw meat snail we ate before?” inquired the foodie cubs.

“Yes, the species are similar, but the snail is large,” the storyteller tried to answer the cubs’ question. “It’s quite large.”

After all, the story’s protagonist is a distant relative of theirs, Zhu Niang’s clam shell is huge, and they are all races that like to bring their own houses with them.

“Everyone knows that if we leave the water for too long, we will quickly lose strength and may even die of thirst. One day, the snail man went to the lake to enjoy the sun, but a gust of wind blew it away.”

“How come he didn’t crawl out of his shell?”

 The cubs asked one hundred thousand why towards him. If you’re not sure, ask.

The cubs were puzzled. Although Zhu Niang had a shell, he could be separated from it as a whole, unlike You Yu’s tail, which could not be broken off.

“Snails are not the same as us. They couldn’t crawl out of their shells for a long time.”

They have never seen any snail meat and shell that are already separated when eating snail meat.

“At this time, someone passed by the shore and picked up the snail,” Zhu Niang explained.

Humans have mixed blood of many races, so when they are young, they will show the appearance of different races, but people of other races can’t tell the difference between this ordinary race and other edible food. What is the difference in food?

Because of his size, the poor, unlucky snail was thrown into the human’s tank and survived.

“It was around this time that the snails matured and became humanoids.”

The family was delighted when a tiny pink baby crawled out of the water tank. Nobody in their family was able to have a child.

It sounds like a great story, but if it were, it wouldn’t be in this fireside chat.

“Shortly after the snail man came, this family had a child of their own,” Niang Zhu said softly. “From the beginning, they liked the snail man, but slowly it turned into disgust. They treated the snail as their servant, beating and scolding and letting him do all the housework.”

Hearing this, Xu Qiu had an unsettling feeling.

“After tiring from too much hard work, the snail man fell back into the water tank and transformed into a large snail.”

When the family’s child saw the snail, he exclaimed, “I want snail meat!”

Zhu Niang had finished telling the story of the snail man’s tragic life, and the other cubs didn’t have time to feel sorry for the poor snail man. “After eating this big snail, it was discovered a few days later that the entire family was dead,” he added. “The corpse is now rotting and stinking up the house!”

Because that race of snail is a highly poisonous snail, and typical spicy screw meat does not contain this race, there is no situation in which any genes are extracted and cultivated with humans.

When Zhu Niang told this story, his tone was very calm, almost as if he had no emotional ups and downs, but it was this calm tone made people feel even more terrified.

Xu Qiu can come up with a catchy title for this story.

Shocked! The massacre of an old and small family! Is it the annihilation of human nature or the loss of morality?!

Except for Zhu Niang, the stories told by the other cubs are a little suspenseful, but the ending is not too frightening.

When it was Xu Qiu’s turn, she paused and mentioned the adaptation of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.”

When Ali Baba dealt with the Forty Thieves, he used quite cruel methods.

Those methods were terrifying even after several deletions. Xu Qiu rejected those torture methods, primarily because she was concerned that the cubs would learn incorrectly.

She altered the story, transforming the over-the-top lad into a failed, hapless one.

“If we come across a thief or something, don’t be as clever as this person.”

Xu Qiu stated solemnly: “In comparison to those illusory things, I believe your lives are more important, and you should think twice before acting. Consider the consequences first, and see if you can bear the worst-case scenario.”

The thieving group happened to pass by the barren star while Xu Qiu was telling this story.

However, people on the spacecraft can’t notice such a small kindergarten through the atmosphere.

This gang of robbers is well-known throughout interstellar space. They rarely take action against people, especially children and the elderly, unless necessary.

But that doesn’t make them nice people; every thief’s hands are stained with blood.

There are forty people in the group, and it is not necessary to have a large number of people do bad things because there are many people, and it is easy to have disagreements.

But this gang of robbers is unique. They are all brothers, born from the same mother. When they cooperate, the blood flowing through their bodies makes them feel very harmonious, and they have an unspoken understanding.

The prototype of this group of thieves is a group of hamsters.

It appears safe and sound due to its cute furry appearance and petite stature, but it is highly deceptive.

Because naming so many hamsters is difficult, all forty hamsters are numbered.

 The head of the hamster was blind in one eye, and there was no way to heal his old wounds even if there was a good treatment cabin.

After all, there is always something specially designed for the treatment cabin, but this hamster’s savagery is unaffected because its blind eye has a new mechanical eye.

Most of the forty thieves had injuries on their bodies, some on their arms, some on their legs, and some on their large, gleaming teeth.

Each of them has undergone certain mechanized body transformations. Even if they don’t carry weapons, their bodies are themselves powerful weapons.

The evil hamster thief group will only be able to fit in with the interstellar prestige if they are fully armed.

“Have San Qi and San Jiu been connected?”

If you want to take down a heavily guarded planet and steal its belongings, you can’t just grab it.

They are forty thieves, and they must, of course, plan meticulously.

The thieves, as in the story, dispatched some people to respond.

Because of their beautiful skins, young San Jiu and San Qi snuck into the realm of ice and snow to work.

With their outstanding workability, the two of them were also promoted, and they were like a duck to water on this ice and snow planet.

The hamster lurking inside the target sent a message using the internal information.

[It has been planned, the field has been cleared, and the target is on its way.]

Every year, a large number of tourists visit. Although it was possible to fish in troubled waters at the time, security was also very strict. The key point is that the funds will be counted every winter when the world’s entertainment venues are closed to the public.

At the moment, all aspects of the planet are relatively weak, making now the best time to act.

There’s one more thing: the owner of this planet has a huge net worth.

They’d heard he was very important to the Federation. They might get a nice commission if they tie people up.

However, there was some disagreement among the Forty Thieves regarding the kidnapping of people.

“Listen to me, we will do an ambush on the road ahead of time, and we will be able to take this guy in the bag!” said the one-eyed hamster, blowing his beard and staring at them.

The hamsters disagreed: “I heard his identity is more difficult to handle. It will not be good to get involved with the Interstellar Law Enforcement Army.”

A relatively aggressive hamster said: “You must be too timid. What are you doing with us if you can’t let go of your hands and feet?”

Although the first two people were a little too direct, this minor squabble did not affect their relationship.

The large ship arrived quickly at its destination and dealt with it successfully internally.

San Liu and San Wu, the two cubs, resemble San Qi and San Jiu. Although they are not twins, as long as they wear a little makeup, there is no discernible difference in appearance from the outside.

Even familiar people cannot tell the difference.

They don’t care about hard work anymore; they want to live a simple, easy, happy, and prosperous life.

San Erba, who was assigned to the spaceship management office, sent a message.

[The target is landing on the planet]

The bandit’s leader blew his whistle, his long beard upturned: [All are ready to be called]

The carefully planned plot has started, and the only audience is always waiting for the entrance.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 62.2

“It’s okay, you see. I’m sitting here well now,” the big fox said as she smoothed her little fox’s hair. “This story teaches us not to run around after school because we will get lost and will not be able to return home if we are not careful.”

The other cubs nodded in agreement as soon as she finished speaking.

Then it was the turn of the little mermaid, You Yu.

“Let me tell you a story about a sea witch,” You Yu’s voice was much more immature.

“There is a magical-looking mermaid in our deep sea, and everyone calls her the sea witch.”

Yuan Jiu spread his wings and said: “I know this because I read it in the storybook about the sea king’s daughter. The mermaid exchanged her voices, and the sea witch transformed her tails into legs, and then the fool prince found the wrong person, causing the little mermaid to die.”

“The sea witch I’m referring to does not want a mermaid’s voice.”

Xu Qiu said: “Don’t interrupt others when they’re speaking. Wait until they are done speaking. We must respect one another.”

On a normal day, Xu Qiu would have to take one-fifth of Yuan Jiu’s small red flowers away.

There are five petals on the small red flower. If you make a mistake, one to five petals will be deducted at a time, depending on how serious the mistake was, until no petals are left.

But since it’s a holiday, Xu Qiu is only educating him verbally.

“I’m sorry, I’ll listen to you,” Yuan Jiu said, sticking out his tongue.

“The sea witch is a magical being. However, legend has it that she is horrid, thin and small, with dirty seaweed-like hair that covers her face, looks gloomy, and prefers to wear black robes. To make medicine, the sea witch will eat the mermaid’s children and dig out the mermaid’s heart and liver.”

Xu Qiu’s lips twitched slightly. The sea creatures were very good at telling terrifying stories to the cubs.

Consider the fairy tale books she has read. They were very bloody and violent at first. After all, when they were first created, these richly symbolic fairy tales were used to frighten children.

“There are many people in our area who tell the little mermaid that if the little mermaid doesn’t obey, they will be fed to the sea witch.”

This is similar to how adults scare children by threatening to feed them to wolves if they do not obey.

“However, no one has ever seen a sea witch. Someone suggested that we go find a sea witch one day. We mermaids have sharp teeth, especially on our tails, and our voices can confuse people, so there is no fear of sea witches at all. Sea witches are all used by adults to deceive people. “

Well, in every horror story, the protagonist group will start courting death.

“At the time, everyone thought it was very reasonable, so we decided to go to the sea witch together and hide from the adults.”

“We swam, swam, swam through the canyon, over the coral bushes, and finally arrived at the sea witch’s residence.”

“Is there a sea witch in the ocean?” Zhu Niang wondered.

“There is, of course. We came across a dilapidated small house. In the house, medicine was bubbling and bubbling. The medicine liquid was dark green, and it contained some fishtails.”

You Yu reflected nostalgically: “When everyone saw the pot, they were terrified and angry, so we decided to destroy the sea witch’s pot. Then we did that, and the sea witch’s house caught fire and erupted from the sea.”

“Is there fire in the ocean as well? It’s not that the water can extinguish the fire when it is poured.”

A fire can be put out with water. This is common sense; Xu Qiu does not need to teach the cubs.

“Of course, there are volcanoes under the sea, and when they erupt, they are especially spectacular.”

Volcanoes will bring a variety of treasures, including some rare plants. Many people in the ocean are interested in gold and precious metals.

“When everyone had finished, the sea witch reappeared unexpectedly. She sounded like lightning and thunder. It was as if lightning had split the sky.”

It happened outside at this time, and the rumbling thunder, accompanied by the crackling blizzard hitting the doors and windows, became the perfect accompaniment.

You Yu’s voice startled everyone, and the cubs wondered, “And then what?”

“Then we were caught by the sea witch!” You Yu grumbled.

Ah! How could this be?

Is it possible that You Yu was sent here by a sea witch?

Each cub has its own secrets; only they know who sent them here and how they lived.

Despite being together for several years, these cubs are unaware of each other’s secrets.

You Yu, on the other hand, is a storyteller who never tells a story halfway. She satisfied the cubs’ curiosity and finished the story: “When she returned, every little mermaid was beaten. We worked long and hard to help the sea witch rebuild a house.”

The sea witch they discovered was not a true sea witch but a mermaid who has always been unique, similar to a witch in the merman race. When mermaids are sick, they swarm to her for medicine.

Because the other party does not bother about trifles, the entire person appears sloppy, and the messy, seaweed-like hair on her head is also real seaweed.

The other party went out to look for medicine and got into the seaweed bush. When she turned around, her house had been set on fire by this group of mermaid cubs.


So stupid!

The cubs all laughed with delight, and the hall was filled with a happy atmosphere.

While the cubs were chatting around the hearth, a gang of true interstellar thieves sped towards them in their powerful spaceships.

The Barren Star is a poor asteroid. There isn’t even a cigarette in it. Even the most chaotic of forces would not choose to station themselves on such an asteroid.

The goal of this group of interstellar thieves is nothing but the rich and beautiful realm of ice and snow.

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