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The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 58.2

Chapter 58.2

“That… What happened to you all? Chen Tanliang said carefully, “Do you want to get back together?”

Jiang Shining looked at him and asked, “What do you think?”

“He doesn’t deserve you.” Chen Tanliang said honestly. He lowered his eyelashes and darkened his gaze, “He actually got a lot better later, but I can’t forgive him… Even now.”

As if making up his mind, Chen Tanliang raised his head and said seriously, “I know that I don’t say these things with great respect, but I still want to say… Mother, I don’t want you to be with him anymore.”

Jiang Shining smiled, and she touched Chen Tanliang’s hair soothingly.

“I didn’t have the idea of getting back together, I was just afraid that you two would not be happy.”

“We are very happy.” Chen Tanliang said immediately.

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The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 58.1

Chapter 58.1

When Xiu Lingfei looked at Chen Sheng coldly and Chen Sheng looked indifferently at him.

“Boss Chen, long time no see.” Xiu Ling Fei said with a fake smile, “The world is really small. You two also know each other?”

Men are the best at figuring out how this kind of love rival will react, and all of a sudden, the air gets tense.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Over there, three people walked over, and it turned out to be the third son of the Xiu family.

The eldest and second elders of the Xiu family still didn’t understand what was going on, but the third Xiu Jingrui couldn’t forget the woman in front of him, even if she was wearing sunglasses.

“Jiang Shining, why are you here?” Xiu Jingrui immediately frowned.

At first, Jiang Shining’s identity was matched with a vicious female partner, and later she broke away from this setting. Therefore, as a domineering president, Xiu Jingrui reacts sharply to enemies who may harm his own woman.

“Boss Xiu, what a good upbringing.” Chen Sheng spoke with a faint smile.

Xiu Lingfei was stunned. He turned his head, suppressed anger in the corners of his eyes, and looked at his sons.

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The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 57.2

 And Jiang Shining was really beautiful, coupled with the same personality in the past, Chen Sheng was almost speechless. He has seen many beautiful women in his life, but Jiang Yiru seems to be the one who is different.


     Jiang Shining felt the man’s eyes almost glued to her face. In fact, Jiang Shining really didn’t like this look. In her previous life, she and Chen Sheng didn’t have any enmity, but she didn’t like men looking at her like they were looking at prey.


     “Chen Jiacheng.” Jiang Shining frowned.


     Only then did Chen Sheng come back to his senses. Seeing Jiang Shining’s face, he smiled, which seemed to be self-deprecating.


     “What are you laughing at?” Jiang Shining said.


     “Looking at your eyes, I know you don’t love me at all.” He said, “You lied to me when you said you loved me in your previous life.”


     Jiang Shining wanted to explain to him what happened before, so as to clearly explain her attitude and position. But Chen Sheng had already said, “I probably know.”


     He took out a book from his briefcase and shook it at Jiang Shining.


     This book is Jiang Shining’s mission to evacuate the Republic of China.


     “I’ve been a bit suspicious of your changes before.” He said, “Until this life, I read this book… the Jiang Yiru in it is the one I’m familiar with. And I should have died at the gun of that person. But all that changed.”


     “Your thinking is right.” Jiang Shining said.


     She roughly told Chen Sheng about the previous incident.


     In fact, Jiang Shining really hoped that Chen Sheng or anyone could wake up after hearing these things, and then simply say goodbye to her.


     Jiang Shining could see that Chen Sheng’s mood was unpredictable, the man’s eyes flickered, as if he wanted to ask Jiang Shining a lot. If it was Chen Jiacheng in his previous life, he would definitely have something to say. However, he seems to have changed a lot.


     Chen Sheng smiled slightly, and said lightly, “Let’s not talk about the past. After all, you are Jiang Shining, and I am Chen Sheng now, so it has nothing to do with the past life, right?”


     Jiang Shining was a little surprised that he thought about it so quickly, “You’re right.”


     Chen Sheng nodded, “Then let’s have a good meal and reunite as old friends. You saved my life back then, and I owe you no matter what.”


     In fact, under Chen Sheng’s indifferent appearance, his heart was dying of pain.


     He really loves Jiang Yiru.


     After Jiang Yiru died of illness, Chen Jiacheng discovered her sincerity. He kept blaming himself afterwards, because he climbed up too easily, got carried away with complacency, and insisted on pestering Miss Luan to end up in this situation. Jiang Yiru blocked a shot for him and saved his life, only then did Chen Jiacheng realize that he was wrong. But he realized it too late. He not only broke Jiang Yiru’s heart these years, but also made her disabled.


     His feelings for her were mixed with love, family affection that accompanied him over the years, as well as self-blame and regret.


     After Jiang Yiru’s death, Chen Jiacheng was depressed. He felt that Jiang Yiru’s life was taken away by him. So later he restrained himself a lot. When Chen Tanliang was twenty-four years old, he was nominally a young marshal, but in fact Chen Jiacheng had already handed over all the military power to him.


     After so many years of tempering, Chen Jiacheng, who was uneducated, became the calm Chen Sheng now.


     Even though Jiang Shining said that these were just tasks that made him feel sad, but after so many years, Chen Sheng didn’t care about love or not, he just hoped to get Jiang Shining back and treat her well.


     But Chen Sheng also knew Jiang Shining’s character very well. After the first test of Jiang Shining’s refusal, he knew that he would resent him if he directly said his feelings, so he took a few steps back and stabilized the relationship between the two parties at least on a friendly level.

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The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 57.1

This chapter was translated by Sufi our new translator.

There were still a few more days till the party, so Jiang Shining began to choose a dress for herself slowly.

Unexpectedly, the female worker who came to find her before called her again.

“CEO Jiang, our boss sincerely hopes to cooperate with you. You can choose a dress to attend the party first. He will come back after the New Year and then you can meet him to discuss the contract.”

“No.” Jiang Shining was very calm.

In the afternoon, the same phone call came again.

“CEO Jiang, can we meet in the daytime on the day of the meeting?”

“No.” Jiang Shining was still firm with her decision.

In the evening, the female employee hesitantly holds the mobile phone and looks at the boss.

     “Boss, the other party is so shameless. Are you sure you want to…?”

In the office, a man wearing a dark grey pinstriped suit was sitting on the sofa. His black hair was slightly long and combed to one side. A black scarf is also hanging around his neck, which looks like a black boss on the beach.

Chen Sheng crossed his legs and nodded his chin.

“Keep fighting.”


     There is no other way, the secretary can only call again.


     “Is your family making harassing calls?” Jiang Shining couldn’t help but say after the call was connected.


     The corner of Chen Sheng’s mouth hooked slightly.


     “CEO Jiang, can we meet tomorrow?” the secretary said. She glanced at Chen Sheng’s face, and said, “You can also set a time.”


     “Then tomorrow.” Jiang Shining said.


     She mentioned the name of a big hotel and then said flatly, “It’s just that this kind of hotel requires reservations, and your call was too late.”


     “It’s okay, we will settle the appointment issue there.” The secretary said patiently.


     When she hung up the phone, she turned around incomprehensibly.


     “Boss, she is deliberately making things difficult for others. Why do you insist on cooperating with such a person?” She couldn’t help but said, “This kind of person is not worthy of you.”


     Chen Sheng’s hand was on the back of the chair, lighting up an old-fashioned lighter between his fingers while nibbling some seeds standing behind the chair.


     He raised his head, glanced at the secretary, and said flatly, “Is it my business, or yours?”


     The secretary fell silent immediately.


     Chen Sheng stood up and walked to the French window, his slender fingers were still opening and closing the lid of the lighter. He took a cigarette from his pocket and lit it.


     “This is the last time.” After a while, he said, “I don’t like women who gossip, no matter how outstanding your professional ability is.”




     The reason why Jiang Shining chose the afternoon was to prevent a situation like the last meeting with Feng Fuman from happening. The serial killing calls of several cubs made her almost doubt her life.


     In the afternoon during working hours, it will definitely be much quieter. As for whether to tell them about it—of course not. Everything is taken care of by her son, where does she put her face?


     However, apart from the annual celebrity party on the weekend, Jiang Shining only had a little to do before the end of the year. After the new year, the new variety show will start filming.


     In the evening, someone sent her a message, saying that ‘the hotel room has been reserved, and I will see you at one o’clock tomorrow afternoon.’

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The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 56.2

Chapter 56.2

Jiang Shining took it and read it; it was clear that the other party hoped for a long-term collaboration between the two parties; they would provide Jiang Shining with dresses, but Jiang Shining would have to cooperate with their promotion, such as posting Jiang Shining’s photos on the official microblog, and so on.

“My appearance rate is way lower than that of star actors.” Jiang Shining gave a light smile. “When you sign this type of contract with me, you will suffer. I might only show up a few times a year.”

“This is just a rough draft; if you’re willing to work with us, you can change the contracted object to an artist. For the long-term development of our two companies, our boss said that this time we can provide you with clothing,” the other party said softly.

Jiang Shining frowned slightly.

The sense of inconsistency has just intensified.

She had never believed in such a good thing before because they had never met. Furthermore, the dressings are provided, and the haute couture worn by regular celebrities ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. How can the opposing party be so kind?

“Who is your boss?”

“Sheng Chen.”

Jiang Shining had never heard of this person before.

She had a strong suspicion that this person was also an old acquaintance.

“Your boss Chen is very courteous, but I can’t go without merit. If your boss has time,” Jiang Shining said, “we can meet.”

“I’m sorry, President Jiang, but our boss is still abroad.” The opposing party apologized, “We offer this time so that we can sign a long-term contract with you in the future. You can also use the leasing method if you do not intend to sign in the near future.”

Jiang Shining had the impression that the other party was cunning. Although the female employee said it euphemistically, she felt the other party was unwilling to show up before signing a long-term contract. She also stated that after seeing her doubts, she quickly changed her mind about leasing.

Jiang Shining smiled lightly, “Then I won’t be hard on others. See off guests.”

The female employee was taken aback. She had never seen anyone like this before. She’d said it before, and she liked it a lot. As a result, because the bosses of the two parties did not have time to meet, the business was not discussed. Is this too erratic?

Jiang Shining researched the brand after dismissing the female employee. However, upon further investigation, she discovers that she can only find design directors, almost all of whom are foreigners. She can’t find any information about the boss.

Jiang Shining remained wary of strangers who appeared out of nowhere after the shock of meeting Xiu Lingfei from Longteng Group. It is preferable not to discuss business and to avoid meeting new people.

Lin Qingqing called her from over there to say she had already changed her clothes and sent a picture. Lin Qingqing was dressed in a long white dress. She was originally white, with a snowy complexion. She wore a small gold ornament on her forehead as if she were a princess.

Jiang Shining was very satisfied.

“Yes, it’s so lovely,” she said, “your graceful appearance is the same as it was before.”

There were beauties in Xiu Lingfei’s harem back then; each of them was unique, and each should be cared for at the top of people’s hearts. But Xiu Lingfei didn’t know how to cherish it while sitting on top, and it broke the hearts of a large number of lovely ladies. Jiang Shining couldn’t help but scold him.

Lin Qingqing still felt she lacked Feng Fuman’s acting abilities and experience and was concerned about her future. But as soon as Jiang Shining saw her photo, she knew Lin Qingqing would not go hungry, even if she was a vase in the entertainment industry.

 After finishing Lin Qingqing’s look, Jiang Shining made herself a cup of tea and sat in front of the computer to surf the Internet. The bored netizens in Jing Yuan’s mouth were ecstatic; some drew pictures of the two of them, while others shouted, even though they had never been in the same frame. Lin Qingqing didn’t have any photos other than the preview, and it was hard to identify another photo with the same frame.

Many people hope that the film will be released soon and that Jiang Shining will appear in more shows highlighting her face so they can edit the MV.

Jiang Shining hooked her mouth corner.

Jiang Shining arrived home in the evening and saw Jing Yuan sitting on the sofa, holding his phone and typing, but when Jiang Shining returned, he didn’t even look up.

Jiang Shining approached Jing Yuan, who was scolding netizens.

Happy Life 2019 is Jing Xuan’s new registered name.

Netizen: Wow, this heroine is much more attractive than her boss!

Happy Life 2019: If your eyes are broken, go to the treatment as soon as possible, and don’t delay the treatment time.

Netizen: This is the gods’ face. Previously, the surname Jiang blew the faces of gods all over the Internet. She didn’t embarrass me to death.

Happy Life 2019: Then why are you not dead yet? Do you need my help?

Soon after, a group of provocative netizens attacked Happy Life. Some people are purely keyboard warriors who enjoy scolding female celebrities for venting their rage, but they did not expect to come across an inexplicable trumpet. The two sides were still very lively at first, but soon the other party was no match for the Happy Life, and the Happy Life could damage the other party simply by swearing.

Netizen.keyboard.warriors: Damn it, the boss is poisonous! It’s terrifying!

What is poisonous? Chu Jing Yuan, who is not in the entertainment industry, was puzzled, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that the other party had conceded defeat.

The poisonous mouthpiece of Jing Yuan won, and the nitpicking netizens gave up and deleted the provocative comments, leaving Jing Yuan to raise his head in satisfaction.

“Brother, brother, am I good?”

Then he realized it was Jiang Shining who had been standing behind him.

The scene was extremely embarrassing.

Jiang Shining straightened up, reached out her hand, and pushed Jing Yuan’s head half helplessly, half indulgently.

“Are you not tired of doing something like this?”

Jing Yuan laughed.

Jiang Shining walked upstairs. The study door was open, and she saw Chen Tanliang sitting there. Jiang Shining was instantly relieved after seeing Tanliang was still sensible.

She walked up quietly and saw Chen Tanliang sitting in front of the desk with his head down, his phone in his hand, and his typing making a crackling sound.

Challenging netizens: Am I the only one who thinks they’re all sailors? I’m not interested in this company or its female CEO. I’m too good at hyping myself up. It’s so ugly, I can’t even see it.

Chen Tanliang typed quickly.

User2384012: Be careful what you say!

Then click Report Comment: Personal Attack.

When I returned, I noticed another comment under User2384012.

Happy Life 2019: If you have no eyes, please contact the hospital as soon as possible, and blind people should not go online.

Chen Tanliang was elated.

As a result, User2384012 and Happy Life 2019 became followers of each other.

Jiang Shining, who watched the whole process: …

Okay, you two really know how to play.

The author has something to say:

Ning Ning: Today’s son is also not easy to manage on a daily basis!

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The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 56.1

Chapter 56.1

Jiang Shining’s face darkened the following day when she saw all of the fan art and fanfiction sprout up overnight like spring grass.

Why are these internet users so eager to write fanfiction about her?

Lin Qingqing called after a while and carefully pleased her, “Ningning, I didn’t expect… Someone would do this. It should be all right?”

Jiang Shining let out a soft sigh. Lin Qingqing was worried about the person on the other end of the phone. “In that case, get ready and prepare,” Jiang Shining said.

“Ready for what?” Lin Qingqing appears bewildered.

“Come with me to the star-gathering night.” Since the trend is there and the facts are there, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the heat,” Jiang Shining said.

Furthermore, they are both females. Some of their budding relationships on the Internet are also cutely emphasized and have positive ridicule, which is far better compared to that between men and women. Jiang Shining sees it all as very simple: whether it’s herself or another artist, as long as it’s shown in public, it’s a commodity. She is no exception; if everyone likes it, it must be used to their advantage.

Lin Qingqing was blown away after hearing this. “You are really a werewolf, You even rub your own heat.”

Jiang Shining went downstairs after hanging up the phone and saw Jing Xuan and Jing Yuan sitting in front of the TV. “You are really a person who brings hotspots with you. A random ‘like’ can be so popular, how amazing,” Jing Xuan lamented as she approached.

Being able to attract attention inexplicably, with one’s own enthusiasm, is also a sign of strength.

He couldn’t help but think that if Jiang Shining entered the entertainment industry, she’d be a huge success.

“What’s the matter?” In contrast to Jing Xuan, Jing Yuan paid little attention to online matters.

Jing Xuan then explained it to him, which Jing Yuan found difficult to understand.

“These netizens are too idle.”

“This is the entertainment age.” Jiang Shining sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

Jiang Shining asked Lin Qingqing to come to the company when she had time a week later, on the day of the star-gathering night and instructed her stylist to bring the dress Lin Qingqing would wear to the party.

In general, the big bosses don’t care about trivial matters like what the artists wear, and even if they do, they will only look at them after the decision has been made. However, the atmosphere at Ninglu Media appears to be one of harmony between the top and the bottom, and Jiang Shining came to personally supervise as if testing the designer.

Although the decision was made on the spur of the moment, the stylist was very experienced, and the several sets of planned dresses taken out for Jiang Shining were not of the wrong kind. Anyway, Lin Qingqing looks good, and even a sack can be tempting.

Jiang Shining examined each style and rejected it. Although these dresses are common models and cannot go wrong, they are far too common.

“Find her a white one, a fairy kind.” Jiang Shining said to the designer, “she should give the feeling of echoing her character based on the film.”

The designer understood and went back to looking for a suitable dress immediately.

Lin Qingqing, on the other hand, sat by the side, watching the fun.

“By the way, Ningning, what gown are you wearing?”

“Me? I can just wear whatever I want, I’m not an actress anyway,” Jiang Shining said as she flipped through the catalog.

Several high-end clothing companies approached her, hoping she would wear their high fashion. Jiang Shining assumed that only actresses would be given this opportunity, but she was surprised when these manufacturers approached her. But, after looking around, she realizes that no one else shares her taste. She isn’t picky, so after she gets it for Lin Qingqing, she’ll take another look at it.

The designer brought Jiang Shining some pictures and photos of foreign female models dressed in high-fashion attire.

Jiang Shining looked around and noticed one.

“This one is really good.”

The graceful black female model in the photograph was dressed in a long white gown, the skirt gauze shimmering with a little starlight. Under the light, it appears to be a noble and pure princess in a gown.

“I love it!” Lin Qingqing smiled as she looked over, “like a fairy’s dress.”

“Then go try on the dress with the stylist and ask her to get you a hairstyle.” Jiang Shining explained.

Lin Qingqing happily exited, and Jiang Shining opened and read her files for a while.

The secretary had just called her.

“Boss Jiang, another clothing brand wants to speak with you about dresses. This one does seem to focus on a light luxury style, which is considered a niche brand abroad and has only recently entered the domestic market,” the secretary said.

“All right, let’s take a look.”

Soon after, there was a knock on the door, and a woman in her thirties dressed in a suit walked in and smiled politely.

“Hello, Boss Jiang; I’m delighted to be meeting with you.”

The other party introduced herself while handing Jiang Shining the catalog she was holding.

“These are the ones our big boss personally selected; please go over them.”

Jiang Shining flipped it open and her gaze paused before slowly turning over the second page and finishing the entire book.

She was astounded because the ten sets of dress samples chosen from the other side were all to her liking.

It’s great if one matches her preferences, but how could each one be so close?

It’s good if one is in line with her taste, but how could each one be so much to her liking?

“Yes, but our boss is from abroad.”

Jiang Shining handed her the picture book after closing it.

“I don’t think it’s too bad; set up a meeting to discuss the contract.”

“I’ve brought it for you, Boss Jiang. Take a look,” the other party said, pulling a contract from her handbag.

Jiang Shining took it and read it; it was clear that the other party hoped for a long-term collaboration between the two parties; they would provide Jiang Shining with dresses, but Jiang Shining would have to cooperate with their promotion, such as posting Jiang Shining’s photos on the official microblog, and so on.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 71.2

“Be quick, don’t dawdle or the food will not be warm for too long in winter, I cooked a box of leeks for everyone today,” Xu Qiu told the cubs.

When fried food is cold, it tastes less delicious.

On the other hand, Xu Qiu cooks one or two fried meals for the cubs every now and then since they are tasty.

Those cubs who still had a lot of questions in their hearts vanished as soon as she finished speaking.

Except for the removal of the previously attached robotic arm, most of the hamsters start up without a hitch. They can live a regular life if they become human, but it is quite cold presently and a little chilly outside, making people tremble.

After all, they are criminals who can bend and stretch, and at first, they dared to reject the terms Xu Qiu gave.


The hamsters are resisting the terrible cold this winter by virtue of their righteousness, no, they are bandits, as they smelled the aroma of thick rice and witnessed others devouring warm food.

The comparison was too tragic, especially when they heard the cubs swallow their food and they were hit in the soft spot all at once.

Unfortunately, the big guy stepped outside and risked his life for what? You can eat whatever you want, and it’s not just for the sake of fragrant and delicious food.

People are eating hot food there now, and these unlucky guys suffer here. The hamster thieves aren’t extremely tenacious. They all caved in at the same time.

“Principal! We will do everything you request! Let us do our best to assist, or we shall starve to death and be unlucky to be outside the kindergarten.”

These bandits had evil eyes and could spot Xu Qiu at a glance. The little human female is the true kindergarten master; as long as Xu Qiu opened her mouth, the other cubs would not do anything to them, even if they were unhappy.

There appears to be nothing to be ashamed of in other people’s territory because others cannot see it anyway.

The hamster thief is unaware that the cubs can hear their conversation.

“These men are so shameless that we can’t possibly become like them.”

The cubs expressed their anger at such adults, and Xu Qiu took advantage of the situation to speak a few more words: “Yes, everyone must not learn from them.”

What an excellent negative textbook.

The 40 thieves who steal and play tricks are clearly not grownups to learn from, and the other white rabbit is also a bad teacher.

Yan Dong was often too busy at the research institute to eat. When he was starving, he simply drank the nutritional supplements.

Most of the other researchers at the institute have the same issue, and they are in high-risk groups, such as gastrointestinal disorders.

Yan Dong couldn’t care less about eating because no one was watching and caring for his three meals daily.

He concentrated on disassembling the old instruments, entirely ignoring his hungry stomach.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 71.1

The hamster’s comments drew the attention of all the cubs at once. The whole hamster shook like crazy as ten sets of very scary eyes looked at it.

The fluff from the hamster thief’s mouth was blown up all over his body. This hamster mutated into an explosive rat, and it was clear he was one of the 40 thieves.

The other hamsters left their friends without a second thought and made room for the cubs so they wouldn’t get killed by the death rays and become the fish that affected the pond fish.

The person pointed out by the hamster was none other than the two brothers, Ding Ding and Dong Dong.

The cubs were all together at first, and it was impossible to see who the hamster was referring to, but as the other cubs stood aside, the two low-key small bats were exposed to everyone’s gaze all at once.

There is no way, they don’t want to see the bat, and they all blame the chatty hamster.

Because the hamsters were hurried, the cubs shivered from the wind they created.

“What are you pointing at us two? Even if you say something nice, the two of us will not treat you well.”

The two little bats said it together and quickly began reading the group of thieves’ heart sounds.

“You two are blood races. Why would you two stay in such a desolate place instead of staying in your own home?”

The blood race is the most exclusive race, and they place a high value on their young cubs.

Why would these two small bats arrive at such a remote kindergarten if they were blood clan cubs?

Ding Ding and Dong Dong haven’t seen much of the world, and when they heard what the hamsters thought, they were confused.

What the hell does this guy mean? What does the blood family have to do with them?

Is neither of them a true human being? Even though they look different, everyone thinks they will all reach the same goal and grow up to be very handsome men.

The foreign blood race name seemed to open a mystery door in their bodies, causing the two brothers, Ding Ding and Dong Dong, to tremble.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 70.1

“I’ve just called the cops.”

She looked enraged and dissatisfied.

Xu Qiu sensed Jin Xingxing was upset and took the big fox aside.

For the time being, the cubs do not need to be aware of the negative sides of the adult world.

“What do you say over there?”

“When I called the police, things were just starting to go smoothly, and they said they would come,” Jin Xing clenched her teeth, her lovely face somewhat twisted by anger: “After reporting the address, the other side did not speak and asked us to solve it ourselves.”

She called the police and informed the opposite party that the hapless Forty Thieves had arrived on their planet due to a spaceship crash. She requested that the law enforcement authorities remove these violent criminals as quickly as possible.

The other party then enquired attentively about the forty thieves’ conditions and whether there were treasures in the spacecraft’s debris.

Jin Xingxing replied honestly since she could send a video and film the Forty Thieves situation for those people.

The conversation is fairly normal here.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 70.2

The school clinic has now been added, making it an all-in-one facility. It’s nice to have various parties contribute to the icing on the cake, but there’s nothing to be sad about if you miss something.

“Was the kindergarten in the city where you stayed the last time similar to ours?”

“Of course not,” Jin Xingxing refuted subconsciously.

Her current location is far more prosperous than her hometown, so her hometown is superior to this location.

After all, even if her hometown is deep in the mountains, it is also densely forested. The mountain is still close to town. You can go to town to play after you get down from the mountain.

She could go to school like other kids when she was younger. Although the school was in tatters, there were still many youngsters from different families. She may study hard and then move to a bigger city.

“But Lily and the others haven’t seen these things,” Xu Qiu pointed out.

Jin Xingxing became speechless.

Her daughter has gotten so big as a result of her that she can no longer see the outside world.

Although you can watch videos on the Internet inside the kindergarten, the videos are only images, which is not the same as the immersive real experience.

“What are we going to do now that we only have so many people?”

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