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I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry Novel

I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 53.4

How can this be arranged if it is a script arrangement?

It is true!

There have been reports from the police in the area. They praised the show’s producers and thanked them for their hard work.

The program team suggested that this be done, and it is not their credit that You Qiuqiu found it.

A staff member came out to share the follow-up with the life trumpet.

“I work on the program team that talks with the police. The group is not small and has already robbed many people’s money, many of whom are not particularly rich… The tea girl who was chatting with You Qiuqiu was the most funny. She even sobbed when she found out she had been cheated on. There are a lot of scammers on the internet.”

Netizens directly capitalized and bolded this text.

You Qiuqiu was there to warn everyone about internet fraudsters, and the tea girl was captured sobbing and talking about how many scammers there were online.

 Ha ha ha ha.

This is still a very pleasing subject, and the scammers will be punished following the law.

And You Qiuqiu’s political grads exceeded expectations and were picked up.

Someone had previously asked You Qiuqiu this question at the airport, and You Qiuqiu replied that she couldn’t recall it well, but it was fine.

Everyone saw that You Qiuqiu was a little more reserved.

You Qiuqiu received 95 points out of a possible 100 on the political test paper.

This is clearly a high standard!

You Qiuqiu in a school uniform is the picture of a high school flower. Then this lovely high school flower is full of great truths, and it is not enough to open her mouth. The key is to follow You Qiuqiu’s political grads, and at You Qiuqiu High School, a student representative presented a speech.

The difference is not small.

Was that how it was when I was a student?

They felt like they were chatting with an old man with a really optimistic view after seeing the face they were ready to fall in love with and listening to these speeches.

 However, the above two are still not as good as the news that came out later.

“Everyone, don’t repost You Qiuqiu’s lottery tickets; instead, go see You Qiuqiu buy lottery tickets after she loses blood! Hahaha”

They have no idea what occurred, but let’s go!

Because You Qiuqiu won 5,000 yuan from ten yuan on the show, everyone retweeted the tweet and then proceeded to buy lottery tickets.

Then passers-by took photos and uploaded them on social media.

The previous photo shows You Qiuqiu entering the lottery store, while the following one shows You Qiuqiu walking away sullenly.

This bystander is also skilled, and the text accompanying the first photo reads, “The gambler’s mentality is unacceptable.” The latter is “Wealth is all gone and both hands are empty,” When combined with You Qiuqiu’s wistful grin as she reached the goal and a dejected, tearful expression as she exited, it can be described as highly realistic.

Netizens believe these words are strangely familiar…

Isn’t it familiar?

Isn’t this what You Qiuqiu advised Fang Shubai?

They weren’t expecting it to be on her right now.

They had a very subtle sensation of delight.

It turns out that You Qiuqiu purchased a lottery ticket after watching the show.

The Lucky Emperor is not lucky at any time or place. Previously, several people speculated after seeing the show that because You Qiuqiu was so lucky, they could just buy lottery tickets and become wealthy.

You Qiuqiu is now telling everyone by practical actions that the Lucky Emperor will also miss, and the gambler’s attitude is unacceptable.

Xingqiu maintained their expression: What kind of big baby is Qiu Cub?

 You Qiuqiu knew that her lottery ticket purchase had been discovered.


Why does she keep running into such awkward situations by chance?

It’s okay. They just found out. It doesn’t seem like a huge problem, just a bit embarrassed. I’m sorry, she’s embarrassing herself again.

Then, You Qiuqiu got a phone call.

The relevant departments want You Qiuqiu to film a promotional video to prevent everyone from gambling.

The girl who spoke to You Qiuqiu was quite kind. Because the call was made by inquiring people, she went straight to You Qiuqiu rather than through You Qiuqiu’s company.

Jiang Tao was the one closest to You Qiuqiu. She had heard that You Qiuqiu was communicating with the other side and was confident that she was not lying. Jiang Tao was so ecstatic that she promised to show her id over there as well.

This is an excellent opportunity to promote public awareness!

Jiang Tao’s face flushed with excitement, and she grasped You Qiuqiu’s wrist until the red mark appeared because she was too thrilled.

 You Qiuqiu sucked in a breath of cold air. It hurt.

She was also amazed that such an occasion would not be wasted and that it was appropriate for an artist to spread positive energy.

You Qiuqiu, on the other hand, questioned softly, “Is it because of what I said on the show?”

There was a little pause. “It’s not all… Didn’t you buy a lottery ticket and lose it later?”

You Qiuqiu, “…” Emotionally said she took this as a negative case.

It’s not a big problem, and that’s not the point.

“Can we do it now?”

“It doesn’t seem to be suitable now.”

While recording a video, it’s best to finish it as soon as possible; it’s not difficult, but You Qiuqiu still believes it’ll take a long time and drags it out.

The other person was highly enthusiastic and asked, “Is it because of work?”

You Qiuqiu, “Not yet.”

She took a quick peek around; it wasn’t her turn to play yet.


You Qiuqiu: “Right now, my style is not very appropriate.”

“What style?”

You Qiuqiu, “… a female ghost.”

She took a look at herself. The student’s outfit was torn, and the bow was twisted. The important thing was that it was covered in a big pool of ‘plasma.’ Oh, and she had a fake knife stabbed in her heart.

More specifically, she is still a messy and dirty female ghost.

She seems unable to record good energy videos with this image.

This is not suitable.

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I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 53.3

“What type of soul combo is this? Death singer + Suona, You Qiuqiu will be unbeatable.”

The suona is the intended musical instrument, which is not favorable to the most attractive girl, especially if the female musician is You Qiuqiu.

Okay? It appears to be suitable.

The program crew did not use any filters in the editing and instead went straight to the scene that everyone wanted to see. Fang Shubai plays the sound of erhu destroying trees, and You Qiuqiu joins in. You Qiuqiu suona sound like a fart.

When Fang Shubai consoled You Qiuqiu, the master repeatedly praised You Qiuqiu.

Fang Shubai’s head was imprinted with the word ‘grief.’

The crowd didn’t expect that You Qiuqiu was quite skilled at using suona and performed it well.

The suona, of course, is a musical instrument…

It looks nice, but it hurts the ears.

The program team’s dark heart has evolved, and everyone must support themselves. They barely gave 100 yuan, but You Qiuqiu’s intense insistence pushed her father to give 3,000 yuan, and Xingqiu smiled contentedly.

It’s as if your child has a fighting chance.

Qiu Cub is quite intelligent.

This, however, is all in the mirror. The program crew apprehended the rule-breaker, You Qiuqiu, and You Qiuqiu was forced to sell candied haws and fried sausages.

“Why is You Qiuqiu’s style always different from everyone else’s? I don’t mean to imply that You Qiuqiu is bad; I enjoy sand sculptures by female artists as well!”

“You wrote all the answers because of the sand sculptures.”

“2333, because Qiuqiu is wonderful. Why don’t you sing?”

This statement successfully draws everyone’s attention.

Why didn’t You Qiuqiu sing instead of selling candied haws?

Consider You Qiuqiu’s singing carefully.

That’s really too cruel.

So You Qiuqiu took the initiative to request to sell the candied haws and fried skewers. She is a good person!

More than half of those present had seen the previous season. When they saw You Qiuqiu selling candied haws, they remembered You Qiuqiu learning how to make candied haws from the grandfather the previous season.

Can the skill that has been handed down be used here?

At the time, You Qiuqiu was extremely serious about learning how to make candied haws on the program, and some people thought it was merely a show where the stars would use it in real life.

After the show, You Qiuqiu will most certainly not do it again.

Which of these stars will use these in real life?

Isn’t this the second season’s need to make a fortune?

The story here has a lot of ups and downs as well.

The two worked hard to acquire 70 yuan, which Fang Shubai then spent on lottery tickets.

Audience:? ? ?


This story is getting a little out of hand.

They’ve only heard of tea girls scamming people; they’ve never heard of people scamming tea girls.

The show crew also shared You Qiuqiu’s and the tea seller’s cell phone records, so everyone could see this fantastic master trick.

Netizen: I’m sorry, Qiuqiu, I underestimated you.

Xingqiu: Qiu Cub is too amazing!

Finally, it should be said that the scammer’s IQ is insufficient or that You Qiuqiu’s rank is high.

This is no longer a well-known scene. Netizens believe this will go down in the history of the variety show. This is a story that even the best screenwriters couldn’t create. Just ask who can come up with it!

Because You Qiuqiu did not accept the ten yuan, she asked that the program staff contact the police.

The three points of view are all correct.

Please transcribe You Qiuqiu Educating Fang Shubai’s remarks once more.

Her political grades must be superb! Why hasn’t anyone seen it until now?

The crowd has already started to itch, and they are happy.

The good times keep rolling.

There is no 10 yuan given by the tea girl, and this does not stop the story from progressing all the way to the point when people laugh.

The grandpa saw Fang Shubai as a poor young man who could only wear pants with holes and donated ten yuan, which You Qiuqiu spent at the lottery store.

She gives it a go, and ten yuan turns into five thousand, and screws turn into motorbikes.

Netizen: ? ? ?


This issue fluctuates between laughter and stunningness.

The second season of Leisure Time has already gotten a lot of attention before it airs, and it will undoubtedly be a hot search when it airs.

But no one expected there to be so many!

【You Qiuqiu’s Suona】【Fang Shubai You Qiuqiu Branch Stand】【Fang Shubai Lottery Lost Principal】【You Qiuqiu Political Achievement】【You Qiuqiu Anti-Scam Tea Girl】【Ten yuan becomes five thousand】…

The Leisure Time program group hired the hot search, and it was all over the place.

This time, black fans did not accuse You Qiuqiu of wasting money on hot searches.

Because, as we all know, You Qiuqiu’s poor group is involved in five insurances and one housing fund and is managed by a black-hearted boss.

After all, she really has capital and will shout on the show that there is no filming job. Who asks her to offer a 99% discount?

The most debated point among netizens is You Qiuqiu political grads. The anti-fraud tea girl took 10 yuan and turned it into five thousand.

“I was really taken aback after watching the show. Is there actually anti-fraud? Are you sure it’s not the effect of the show? My friends and I are going to laugh!”

“I respectfully request You Qiuqiu’s political grads as Ms. You, an enthusiastic citizen, was previously discussed by everyone. Why haven’t the all-powerful netizens discovered You Qiuqiu’s political grads yet? “

“What does inside You Qiuqiu’s small head look like, and why do you say that?”


The gambler’s mentality is unacceptable, and wealth is all gone.

Surf the web with caution and beware of online scams.


Still making up rhymes?

Bizarre rhymes.

“Don’t say anything; I’ve already forwarded You Qiuqiu’s tweet and gone downstairs to get a lottery ticket.

More netizens have serious ideas, and they want to win the lottery in order to become wealthy.

Before You Qiuqiu’s Weibo fans reached 500,000 lottery draws, her own stuff was dug out, so they retweeted them one by one before going downstairs to buy lottery tickets.

The official V of Leisure Time answered when people asked if the anti-fraud tea girl was real.

Government V recorded the reporting procedure in great detail, including images.

And the liar who sells tea has been apprehended.

How can this be arranged if it is a script arrangement?

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I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 53.2

But not a single crew showed up at the door.


You Qiuqiu:??

What happened!

Is she that bad?

Her smile faded gradually.

You Qiuqiu even assumed the program team had provided the wrong contact information. Still, when recording the second issue of Daughter’s Observation Diary, You Qiuqiu secretly asked the director of the program group.

Program Director: Really not.

She asked a thousand times and received no response.

Qiuqiu: My heart has died.

The director of the Daughter’s Observation Diary program team feels sorry for You Qiuqiu. You Qiuqiu is too pitiful. He saw that everyone’s level of conversation was high, so why hadn’t a trustworthy crew arrived at the door?

“When I become a variety show director in the future, I will find you when I am filming,” he promised You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu was moved and said she’d offer the director a 98 percent discount.

You Qiuqiu, who couldn’t receive the movie, didn’t feel depressed for a long time. She worked hard to get the position, and it takes a lot of guts to be a hardworking salted fish.

However, the effort was not rewarded.

That’s okay.

Anyway, she’s done what needed to be done; otherwise, what else can you do?

She can’t just grip the producer’s neck and force them to look at her.

Mr. Sheng called her again after You Qiuqiu’s self-recommendation failed.

Shiyun Sheng, “Do you remember Director Zhao?”

Qiuqiu: She will not forget.

After all…

She hasn’t approached more than a few directors.

From the artist’s eighteen-line modesty.

You Qiuqiu believe she has been searched several times. Thus she should be referred to be an eighteen-line artist, correct?

If it still doesn’t work, she should delete the title herself.

Director Zhao is the man behind the modern drama, in which You Qiuqiu played a vegetative person. The crew’s environment was excellent, and You Qiuqiu slept… No, she was happy.

Sheng Shiyun informed You Qiuqiu that the director of the modern drama had contacted him and informed him that he had a role in his hands and that if You Qiuqiu was interested, she could try out for it.

The director has already worked with You Qiuqiu and has faith in her. If You Qiuqiu nods and accepts, she can sign a contract to perform right away.

“It’s not a friendship payment. It’s a wage,” Sheng Shiyun stated before You Qiuqiu opened her mouth.

The boss is so familiar with her characteristics that You Qiuqiu feels more at ease working with him.

She would undoubtedly go.

“What exactly is my role?” She still needs to record the daughter’s variety show, so it may not be a big role.

Of course, the big role is not her turn.

You Qiuqiu is incredibly self-aware.

Now she isn’t sure if it looks okay; after all, it should be good this time, right?

In all honesty, You Qiuqiu enjoys playing a vegetative person, but it is not beneficial to the editing of the group’s big guys.

“Female ghost,” Sheng Shiyun informed You Qiuqiu, who was full of anticipation.

You Qiuqiu:??

Is this female ghost the type of captivating and attractive female ghost?

She is clueless at this moment.

The female ghost’s part was determined, and Sheng Shiyun saw the date and told You Qiuqiu, “The second season of Leisure Time will also be broadcast.”

You Qiuqiu will be in hot search as long as she appears on a variety show. He’s not sure when that became an unspoken thing in the profession. Sheng Shiyun even understands that if many artists wanted to buy hot searches, they’d look to see whether You Qiuqiu had a variety show.

The new breed of hot search queen. You Qiuqiu had no idea she had such a large effect. She nodded when she heard this.

She realizes she needs to forward Weibo one more time.

She is nothing more than a heartless Weibo reposting machine.

Later on, she will need to switch to the trumpet to promote her variety show. Today’s business is quite promising.

Leisure Time drew many viewers in its first season, and the same guest returned again in the second season, and the crowds were as large as they were celebrating Chinese New Year.


There is also a variety of sand sculpting shows to watch.

They’re not sure if You Qiuqiu has resumed live broadcasting this time. Even though it’s been a long time, everyone is still preoccupied with the idea that You Qiuqiu became yellow. After all, this meme is just too well-known.

Although Shi Jing and Cui Jiannan did not return due to scheduling difficulties and were replaced by Lan Xuan and Dong Tiantian in the second season, the crowd showed no objection.

After all, this ‘Treasure Variety Show’ is still in its second season, and most of the people who can gather are exceeding their expectations. If the two of them do not show up but the response to this season is still very positive, would there be a third season?

Of course, it is also because the program team has been preparing the audience for the psychological preparation for a long time. Almost everyone accepted it, and because Shi Jing and Cui Jiannan, who did not participate in the regular schedule, followed the entire process online, the two of them also retweeted the official announcement of the program and the premiere.

It wouldn’t be like this if it weren’t for a wonderful relationship.

As a result, their fans backed them up, stating that they would watch the second season of the show without Shi Jing and Cui Jiannan.

Fans of Cui Jiannan will be even more excited. They had heard that Cui Jiannan had reappeared later.

The program has begun airing.

The barrage was activated at the start as soon as the four former members gathered.

Just seeing the four of them will inspire plenty of memes: Fang Shubai and You Qiuqiu’s ‘Eat Fujianese,’ Tao Anjie becoming You Qiuqiu’s singing guide, Ma Juan making exquisite cuisine for You Qiuqiu…

And the sand sculpture variety show is, well, sand sculpture variety show-worthy. Following the previous greetings, it proceeded to the choice of musical instruments.

Destined instrument.

The audience in front of the screen will die with laughter when artists with eager eyes bring out traditional musical instruments and reveal spectacular emotions one by one.

Everyone thought that Fang Shubai was capable enough to draw out the erhu.

You Qiuqiu’s turn has come –

She pulled her suona from her draw.

The barrage is a sea of laughter.

“Hahahaha. I laughed and cried because I knew it was out of the ordinary, but I didn’t anticipate it to be a suona!”

“It’s already smelly. The suona is the bad guy in the musical instrument, and the hand is funny.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to hear the Qiu Cub!”

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I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 53.1

“Qiuqiu, you’re back in the ghost area of Station B, and Xingqiu is helping you in your job hunting!”

Jiang Tao broke the news to You Qiuqiu while holding her phone.

You Qiuqiu: She was already aware of it.

Not only did she know, but she also liked and shared this video of the ghostly animal three times.

This is about to become a conditioned reflex.

You Qiuqiu and Jiang Tao had taken seats in the back seat of Sheng Shiyun’s Volkswagen. They had already left their hotel room. Furthermore, Mr. Sheng did not have time to pick them up. Because it was too late, You Qiuqiu and Jiang Tao first stayed at the hotel.

Ren Bing’s signature was in You Qiuqiu’s hand.

The hotel staff delivered this to You Qiuqiu in the morning. You Qiuqiu knew at a glance that it was Jiannan Ge.

Cui Jiannan sent You Qiuqiu a long WeChat message in a heartfelt tone.

He stated that he should have delivered Ren Bing’s autograph to her in person. Still, he had an urgent event to attend, so he left before morning, believing it was too early to wake You Qiuqiu, and gave it to the hotel attendant.

Cui Jiannan informed You Qiuqiu that he had carefully listened to Cui Xiangbei’s songs and realized that his previous ideas were too stupid and foolish.

He hopes You Qiuqiu doesn’t mind; they’re still buddies if they can.

You Qiuqiu exhaled a sigh of relaxation.

Things are moving in the right direction.

Jiannan Ge means a lot to her as an elder and a friend. He took good care of her while filming a variety show, and they were all delighted together.

She would be a bit sad if they split up. Now, Jiannan Ge has taken the initiative to state that the stand-in issue should be left to the past, which remains the same as before.

You Qiuqiu are delighted with the outcome.

In the back row of the car, Jiang Tao spoke with You Qiuqiu for a while. Jiang Tao spoke mostly, and You Qiuqiu listened to her.

Jiang Tao was anxious about getting along with the big boss. Still, she discovered that Mr. Sheng was rather casual most of the time, especially while driving like a transparent person. With Qiuqiu remaining by her side, Jiang Tao just acted like her usual self.

On the other hand, Jiang Tao remembers Mr. Sheng as a responsible person.

When Qiuqiu was having a disagreement with Zhou Yi, Mr. Sheng approached her personally and requested her to prioritize Qiuqiu, which impressed Jiang Tao.

 Jiang Tao talked to You Qiuqiu, and she showed an embarrassed expression.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Tao’s anomaly was noticed by You Qiuqiu.

“I need to use the restroom,” Jiang Tao says. She was suffering from a stomachache.

Sheng Shiyun pulled over to the side of the road, Jiang Tao stepped out, and You Qiuqiu saw that Sheng Shiyun’s phone on the passenger seat constantly prompted fresh notifications.

You Qiuqiu would not have had much to say if Jiang Tao was still around, but when Jiang Tao was not present, You Qiuqiu asked casually.

“Why don’t you have a look, Mr. Sheng?”

Sheng Shiyun took a look at it, then reached out to turn down the volume of the phone’s reminder message and flip open the screen.

You Qiuqiu’s support club.

Someone mentioned him and asked him to share You Qiuqiu’s recent video. “The Black Heart Boss is not a human being. We have to move forward with the Qiu Cub, ahh!” remarked the group owner.

Sheng Shiyun the ‘Black Heart Boss,’ “…”

“It’s not important.”

He’s close to You Qiuqiu.

“Oh.” You Qiuqiu answered and did not ask any further questions. The social animal’s connection with the boss was fragile and plastic.

When You Qiuqiu gazed out the window, her gaze was drawn to the words of the lottery store.

You Qiuqiu recalled her earlier experience, in which ten yuan became five thousand, and she grew itchy.

“Do you have any cash, Mr. Sheng?”

The other party nodded and glanced at her, perplexed.

You Qiuqiu gave a flattering smile. “Would you mind lending me 10 yuan?” Do you want to see a miracle?

“Don’t eat high-calorie food,” Sheng Shiyun said as he took 10 yuan from his wallet and handed it to You Qiuqiu. He gave instructions.

He assumed You Qiuqiu was going to buy a snack.

You Qiuqiu did not explain.

She strode out with tremendous confidence against the wind, carrying ten yuan like a large sum of cash.

When Jiang Tao went to the bathroom, she didn’t return, but You Qiuqiu climbed into the back row of the car.

Sheng Shiyun gave You Qiuqiu a sidelong glance: So quickly?

“Did you eat anything?”

“I didn’t eat,” You Qiuqiu said as she sat motionless on the seat and waved her hands listlessly.

“I only drink.” The flavor of the northwest breeze is quite depressing.

“Mr. Sheng, I’ll transfer the money to you…” You Qiuqiu wished to cry without tears.

“No need,” says Sheng Shiyun. It just cost 10 yuan.

You Qiuqiu, “Really? How can I not pay back?!”

Sheng Shiyun remained silent.

She’d still be convincing if she hadn’t even switched on her phone and suddenly smirked at the corners of her mouth.

She gave Ren Bing’s signature to Li Ge when You Qiuqiu returned. Li Ge was so ecstatic that he wanted to leap high into the air.

Xingqiu guided her job search to the ghost area, and the rest of her friends were immediately aware of it.

Shi Jing, Fang Shubai, and Tao Anjie all offered greetings one after the other. Like a horrible friend, Shi Jing started laughing and asking You Qiuqiu how she came up with the 99 percent discount.

Wasn’t it arranged by a marketing genius at the company?

You Qiuqiu: Thank you. There is no marketing in the company, and there is only one President Sheng who holds several positions. When President Sheng found out that she was seeking a job on TV, he was also confused, and he should not be glad.

Anyway, the words have been spoken, and the result has been… surprisingly good?

You Qiuqiu is looking forward to it at home as well and is waiting for the 99 percent discount, and the screenplay will follow in sequence.

She may act and provide editable content to the fan group’s big guys.

During the time when You Qiuqiu didn’t have any new dramas, she discovered that the big guys in the group didn’t stop producing either.

Isn’t her whitening product advertisement where the ping-pong ball changes into a goose egg? The big guys in the group even utilized this content.

You Qiuqiu: It’s hard work, really.

On the other hand, You Qiuqiu’s job hunt has become a subject on Weibo, and the video in the ghost animal area has been seen by over one million people.

But not a single crew showed up at the door.

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I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 52.4

The audience quickly realised why You Qiuqiu was able to sleep so well: her mother was also sleepy.

In most households, the mother urgently yelled at her daughter to get up, but in this case, the roles were reversed. You Qiuqiu awoke at midday and called her mother, but her mother also refused to rise.

Qiuqiu’s parents are also beautiful.

When they learned of this family’s fairy DNA, the audience sighed with passion.

Then, it came in unexpectedly –

The cooking scene.

 “Come on! I just came to see the star girl. I didn’t want to grow fat!”

“It’s over, I became hungry in the evening, and tears of disappointment streamed from the corners of my mouth.”

The audience was so eager for You Father’s hands that they all yelled out.

“I know it must be good just by looking at this posture, this colour, but why do you have to explain it, and express it so well, awsl?”

Xingqiu said: “Because the Qiu Cub was practically a food broadcaster.”

Finally, I stopped gaining weight.

Many people ate an additional bowl of rice with tears in their eyes this night, and many people who had already eaten supper ordered late-night snacks that were not on the menu, accumulating a few pounds of meat.

Someone on the barrage claimed to have already understood You Qiuqiu. It’s nothing to gain ten pounds when you have a fairy father who can cook. If you invite them in, they may gain a hundred pounds in front of everyone.

Others started to inquire about You Father’s plans to build a restaurant. They’d absolutely check-in if it did.

They were drooling until they saw You Qiuqiu and You Mother leaving for the square dance. The audience had not recovered until this point. They came to watch the female artist do the square dance, but it was so funny and delicious (?) that they forgot for a time.

The plot, of course, did not disappoint.

According to You Qiuqiu’s popular science, the square dance is also full of struggles. Still, the most classic is that You Qiuqiu made her debut with the square dance in the C position, and the aunties next door were drawn by You Qiuqiu’s new dance and peacefully resolved the impending battle.

The over 100 beauty-obsessed aunts were tit-for-tat one second, then became sisters in deep love and harmony the next.

“Hahaha f*ck, seriously, I proclaim that You Qiuqiu is a gifted individual!”

 “This is too awesome. Is this all right? The community should give You Qiuqiu a peace award.”

 “Is it different on my side… My mother had just entered the room and saw that I was watching the programme. She complimented Qiuqiu’s square dance and requested that I send her the video. She wanted the little sisters to learn new dances together.”

You Qiuqiu’s manipulation has influenced the audience, and several aunties have already taken up the square dance as a result of You Qiuqiu’s adaptation.

You Qiuqiu had no idea that her customised square dance would be liked by many aunties and become famous for a short time afterwards.

Xingqiu covered their faces and stared at You Qiuqiu, who was dancing about in the screen.

The ponytail moved with You Qiuqiu’s motions and followed the dance’s rhyme. Because of the amount of activity, the porcelain-white cheeks had a layer of blush on them, the eyelashes were long and curled, and the eyes were watery.

The Qiu Cub that dances in the square is adorable!

Mama (Dad) loves you!

My Daughter’s Observation Diary has been on the air for many seasons, and after the initial frenzy, the ratings have progressively declined.

It’s not bad; it’s simply that it can only be described as stable today compared to the stunning outcomes at the start.

However, You Qiuqiu’s popularity has skyrocketed in this episode. Because of the hot search, many people were drawn to the female artist’s square dance.

As a gimmick, everyone was accidentally fallen into the pit by You Qiuqiu’s family.

In contrast to those exquisite female artists, You Qiuqiu’s down-to-earth demeanour gives many people the impression that their lives are being monitored.

In contrast to the several female artists next door, who were constantly bombarded by their parents, they definitely earned success in their occupations. Obviously, they are lovely sisters, but their parents will constantly pluck out thorns if they keep their mouths shut, they don’t have a partner, and they don’t know when they will be able to marry. When compared to You Qiuqiu’s Food Channel, she was worried about her mother, but the older ones are lazier than, the younger ones.

Relax and enjoy yourself.

Isn’t it a good family atmosphere?

As a result, a few terms were swiftly included in the hot search when the programme aired.

[You Qiuqiu’s family atmosphere] [You Qiuqiu’s father’s cooking] [You Qiuqiu dances in the square] [You Qiuqiu calls herself a boring person] [You Qiuqiu making a living] …

Of course, the number that rushes to the front is [You Qiuqiu is looking for a job at a discount.]

According to various statistics, You Qiuqiu has also continued to exert her power this year and has been continually in everyone’s sight, but she generally performed in many variety programmes. It seems that the film and television resources are indeed lacking.

Xingqiu had not expected the Qiu cub to take the initiative and express in the show that she would want to get the resources at a reduced price. Is the Qiu Cub interested in making a film?

The black-hearted boss is not a human being, and Qiu Cub’s Mama (Dad) will not allow you to talk nonsense and will send you up!

So, fresh stuff arrived in station B’s ghost animal area for a time.

“You Qiuqiu You Qiuqiu, a fresh graduate of the Film Academy, performs professionally, cheaply, economically, and affordably, report her name for 99 percent discount ah, 99 percent off ah, don’t miss it when you pass by, take it home with high-cost performance!”

With magical rap lyrics and various classic images of You Qiuqiu, Xingqiu was heartbroken to offer You Qiuqiu.

Passerby: ? ? ?

Turn around and laugh, hahaha….

The sand sculpture artist and her sand sculpture fans are a perfect fit.

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I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 52.3

You Qiuqiu listened to Jiang Tao’s narrative before viewing Weibo with her head-to-head for a time, knowing that this was a misunderstanding and that she had entered the picture by accident.

“Is it still my business?” she asked while raising her head.

Jiang Tao, who was astounded by this miraculous development, said to You Qiuqiu, “No… it’s all right.”

When other couples quarrel, it has nothing to do with You Qiuqiu.

“You might want to retweet Daughter’s Observation Diary’s Weibo.”

Jiang Tao checked her WeChat, and the programme team staff called her and requested You Qiuqiu to repost a certain Weibo post.

You Qiuqiu expressed her understanding, and her WeChat was poked as well.

So You Qiuqiu retweeted the V Weibo, the programme official who agreed to let them see her square dance at eight o’clock, on a large number, and offered a cute emoji.

You Qiuqiu felt strange and uncomfortable about letting Xingqiu to watch her dance in the square dance…

The management of the support club started to advertise early in the group after “Daughter’s Observation Diary” released a post on Weibo with You Qiuqiu’s front and back feet.

The classic scene of the Qiu Cub dancing in the square will be broadcast tonight. If you happen to be passing through, don’t miss it!

 The group owner [Pei Shao is extremely wealthy] also came out and bubbled up, saying that there is no pressure from overseas parties, and it must be watched, even in the face of the professor’s death stare.

 You Qiuqiu, “…” It’s not necessary, it’s really not crucial, it’s a poor show, and children should not learn from it.

“Daughter’s Observation Diary” was eventually broadcast at eight o’clock in the evening, much to the delight of the stars and netizens.

 It came up with a separate interview with everyone, and Xingqiu couldn’t be more excited.

Ahhh, it’s a Qiu Cub!

“What type of person do you believe you are?” the host asked You Qiuqiu.

Before You Qiuqiu responded, the audience wondered what type of person You Qiuqiu was.

Lazy, sluggish, but lucky?

Or a Fan Protector?

Then You Qiuqiu gave an unexpected response.

 “I think I’m a boring person.”

 ? ? ?

Audience: Are you serious!?

Your words are already quite funny; do you recognise yourself?

Although netizens have long suspected that a programme starring You Qiuqiu must be highly humorous, they had no idea it would become so big so quickly.

And the laughter went on.

When the host questioned You Qiuqiu about her plan, she said that she had one but did not follow through on it. Because no one asked her to film, she took the initiative to advertise for herself.

Graduated from the Film Academy, cost-effective and affordable, you may receive a 99 percent discount if you mention her name.

What a great deal!

You Qiuqiu was probably the first to admit that no one asked her to film, and she also took the initiative to say that she was inexpensive and that she advertised on her own.

After all, even if everyone in the circle is the one being asked, they still have to work hard to get a hat that I’m really proud of, for fear of being looked down on and losing their part of life.

You Qiuqiu couldn’t be more magnanimous, with a funny smile in her heart.

You Qiuqiu, dared to express it, and the programme team dared to reply, but there is a series of the contact information below.

Of course, it’s the show’s contact information. You may contact the show team first if there is a crew that really likes You Qiuqiu and wants her to perform. After the show crew confirms that they are not liars, they will provide them with You Qiuqiu’s contact information.

The interview alone made everyone laugh one after the other, and when it came time for the formal shoot, everyone discovered that You Qiuqiu was, in fact, You Qiuqiu.

When the show team arrived at You Qiuqiu’s house, the first thing they did was focus the camera on her pyjamas and slippers. The crowd had figured out why they were shooting this shot at this point.

Isn’t it because the enthusiastic lady, Ms. You, is on the hot search in cartoon pyjamas with uncle slippers?

You Qiuqiu, on the other hand, was dressed normally this time.

“At first glance, it was specially changed hahaha.”

The barrage hit the nail on the head.

After You Qiuqiu asked the programme team what she needed to do, the programme team told her to be herself. So she graciously welcomed everyone out, slept with the big floral quilt for the whole morning, only woken up at midday, and turned off multiple alarm clocks in succession.

The barrage swung together in synchronisation.

“It’s the same floral blanket!”

“God, You Qiuqiu is too sleepy.”

“I think I see myself; let me be myself, and I’ll sleep till the afternoon.”

“Me too. I’m quite sleepy; getting up at midday is usual!”

“Oh my gosh, who is peeking into my life? Isn’t it me, the one who rang the alarm clock countless times and turned it off countless times, isn’t it me? Thank you for being offended again.”

It sparked a lot of interest.

Everyone believes You Qiuqiu’s life is similar to theirs.

However, when You Qiuqiu awoke, she put on a mask without makeup, and the mask paper was a whole circle too large to be affixed to her neck.

Hmm…not quite the same.

“Wait a minute, she’s too beautiful to look!”

“Skin status is really good. I’m surprised; I assumed it was the result of makeup?”

“I’m going to get this mask right now; may I have such a lovely fairy face as well?”

“No, you’re dreaming; I have this mask, and it no longer fits my large face.”

The camera is on You Qiuqiu’s face, and there are all sorts of weird angles, but her face, which is so plain, will not collapse at all, and a batch of nice looks may be produced.

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I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 52.2

She didn’t see Cui Jiannan’s message a few minutes later since she had fallen asleep.

“Thank you very much, Qiuqiu.”

You Qiuqiu was awakened by Jiang Tao’s knock on the door early in the morning. Jiang Tao opened her lips and said as she walked to open the door with frizzy hair.

“Qiuqiu, you’re on a hot search.”

You Qiuqiu: ? ? ?

What’s the matter? She is on the hot search again?

Qiuqiu’s first thought was, “Could she and Jiannan have been discreetly photographed yesterday?”

Furthermore, You Qiuqiu doesn’t recall the hot things she did until Mr. Sheng recharges the money and offers her something similar to what You Qiuqiu looks nice in.

But this does not exist, at least not in this life.

It wasn’t that You Qiuqiu thought that she was secretly photographed while standing with Cui Jiannan yesterday.

You Qiuqiu is a hot search on the name of a couple this time.

The couple are an entertainment industry famous couple. The two often display their affection in front of the media. They did take advantage of this perk for a while, and they gained some fans as well as a lot of money.

The paparazzi have now disclosed that this loving couple is truly a wonderful couple. The guy was sneaking food outside to meet the mistress when he was caught by the woman, who used her car to stop her husband’s car. The two got into a fight on the street.

Because of the mistress, the loving couple battled, and the name You Qiuqiu was followed by them. Netizens’ first response was—

So You Qiuqiu is the mistress. What kind of big melon is this?

I didn’t expect to look so good and have such a decent attitude to be able to do such a shameless thing.

Someone had already pulled up their sleeves to scold You Qiuqiu, and Xingqiu groaned when they saw this scorching search.

They believe in Qiu Cub’s behaviour since she is so lazy that she may not do things like being a mistress…

Xingqiu hoped in their hearts that the unscrupulous media had made a mistake, but they nevertheless clicked on the hot search photo with worry.

Well, they did see You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu has a name in the great dispute between the loving couple, but it is completely disconnected from everyone’s subconscious response that You Qiuqiu is a mistress.

You Qiuqiu did participate in the combat, and she was the backdrop board.

Look how joyful she is as she does the square dance.

Yes, You Qiuqiu did appear in the photograph, but just as a backdrop board.

The paparazzi caught the famous couple yelling and bickering on the street. There was a group of people square dancing on the plaza not far behind them. The leader was a young girl who was staring at familiar faces.

You Qiuqiu.

Netizen: Is that it? Is that it?

No one was expecting everyone to be taken in by the melon and was really taken aback.

While astonished, netizens could not forget to urgently remind those partners who were about to scold You Qiuqiu Weibo.

Don’t fire, buddy!

You Qiuqiu didn’t do anything. She was only a backdrop!

If you want to blame it, you must point the finger at the unscrupulous marketing account. They are willing to start any title in order to get fame. The husband and wife are estranged, and they have nothing to do with You Qiuqiu!

“This scene seemed familiar to me. Isn’t it the same as the last time the popular little flower’s relationship was revealed? Let’s not speak about it when the popular little flower didn’t notice it, since the goal is the God of Wealth…”

“One thing I should mention is that I’m going to burst out laughing, which makes me feel uncomfortable; I shouldn’t be fishing during work hours, and I was wrong. Why does a sand sculpture like this constantly happen to You Qiuqiu? It’s so bad that she may be shot while laying down while doing a square dance.”

Netizens subsequently conveyed the public’s voice.

Why is it possible for You Qiuqiu to be photographed by chance? It’s still a square dance that has no relevance for young female artists.

They replied that Qiu Cub would not be a mistress since she was still a cub, and Xingqiu breathed a sigh of relief.

However, netizens have never seen You Qiuqiu, who danced on the plaza.

The marketing account’s video recordings are short, and You Qiuqiu, who was randomly in the screen, was only identified when they reviewed the clip afterwards.

They can witness You Qiuqiu’s beautiful posture and lively pace in the moving picture.

She seems to have become the central focus of the square dance.

Xingqiu: Qiu Cub is the one that dances in the square!

Netizen: I want to see female artists perform the square dance!

Whether a netizen or a fan, everyone has the same idea: They want to see You Qiuqiu perform in the square dance.

Everyone has forgotten about the torn apart “loving” couple. They aren’t really significant. The point of contention is that You Qiuqiu’s square dance has entirely strayed.

The happiest one is the director of the “Daughter’s Observation Diary”.

If people want to see You Qiuqiu dance in the square, they should ask him!

He has the whole record here!

Isn’t this the period when You Qiuqiu performed in their show with You Mother? Unexpectedly, they were involved in the quarrels of other famous couples and even undertook a hot search.

The programme group’s director was practically ecstatic. He no longer has to be concerned about his rating with this Oolong. He was still a little worried about looking for You Qiuqiu before.

Now –

He found the best one!

What the heck is this koi rating?

I saved a lot of money on advertising.

So “Daughter’s Observation Diary” used the opportunity to send a message to official V: Do you want to see female artists doing square dance? Qiu Cub welcomes you to a square dance tonight at 8:00 pm.

Crazy heat.

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I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 52.1 

You Qiuqiu was touched, and she apologised once again for letting Mr. Sheng take the blame.

“Mr. Sheng, I brought you a special product,” she said.

She proudly showed off her dried salted fish as she opened the luggage.

Sheng Shiyun, “…” Other female artists’ baggage is full of beautiful clothing and shoes, so why did You Qiuqiu carry a complete box of dried salted fish?

How about clothing?

You Qiuqiu wrapped and returned the clothes, and she brought dried salted fish with her.

Sheng Shiyun, “…Then you weren’t stopped for inspection?”

“She was stopped, but not because of dried salted fish, but because of Suona,” Jiang Tao responded for You Qiuqiu.

Sheng Shiyun, “…”?

Why is Suona involved again?

You Qiuqiu just went to record a variety show, and sometimes he didn’t know what happened.

You Qiuqiu: She has mastered a new skill!

She was eager to pull out the suona and show it to Sheng Shiyun. Sheng Shiyun’s eyes were nearly dazzled by the golden suona’s brightness.

“Would you want to hear me perform a piece, Mr. Sheng?”

You Qiuqiu would not easily play for others. After all, she was lazy.

However, her front foot may have caused Mr. Sheng to carry the black stain, and Mr. Sheng also warmed her preserved egg and lean meat porridge in the back, for which she is grateful.

When Sheng Shiyun saw You Qiuqiu preparing to blow a suona, he rushed out to stop her.

“Do you want to be complained about by your neighbours?”

You Qiuqiu also recalled that they were still at the hotel. She’s not sure whether the sound insulation here is good enough, plus it’s already dark, which is very improper.


“It doesn’t matter.”

“Mr. Sheng, I’ll blow it to you whenever you like,” you Qiuqiu reassured Sheng Shiyun, who hadn’t heard the suona sound.

“I’ll blow it to you as well during your wedding.”

Because she attended the grandparents’ weddings, You Qiuqiu believes she is competent in this business area.

Sheng Shiyun rubbed his spectacle frame.

 Thank you, but it is unnecessary.

“The porridge will be cold if you don’t drink it.” He didn’t want to talk about Suona anymore.

After You Qiuqiu finished the porridge, she and Jiang Tao shared and completed the warm pancakes purchased by Mr. Sheng. Sheng Shiyun was in a rush, and he needed to go downstairs to reserve a room for check-in.

You Qiuqiu went to send Sheng Shiyun.

You Qiuqiu pondered it before the man left and added, “I felt Jiannan Ge meant something to me today.” She told me what occurred today. Of course, she refused to mention anything about Cui Xiangbei. Who asked? It’s all secret.

You Qiuqiu still feel embarrassed to the point of bubbling.

Why did she have such thoughts before? How could she be?

Cui Jiannan has been in the business for about two decades, and he has had relatively few scandals. The heroines in the few scandals are top-tier beauties. It’s the type of thing that makes a mark throughout time and must be remembered every time one looks through the collection of beauties.

You Qiuqiu’s mind was already set on smashing the jar when she spoke these words, and the dead pig was not terrified of boiling water. She was well aware that she would confront Mr. Sheng’s scepticism.

But it never arrived.

Sheng Shiyun stopped. “Did you make it clear?”

“Is it a misunderstanding?”

You Qiuqiu, “En.”

“Just make it clear,” he said.

“Mr. Sheng, don’t you think I’m thinking a little too much?” You Qiuqiu.

He’d already opened the door, but You Qiuqiu could still hear the man say, “It’s better for females to think more than less.”

Being a female in this world is not easy. Therefore, think about it more.

Jiang Tao seemed exhausted. She took a plane from one city to another. During this time, she had many theories about Cui Jiannan’s mentality. She went back to her room to relax after having dinner with You Qiuqiu and ensuring nothing had happened.

 You Qiuqiu didn’t fall asleep for the first time. She had slept for a long time on the plane, but she was no longer sleepy, so You Qiuqiu unlocked the smartphone and looked for Beibei’s information.

You Qiuqiu didn’t know which Bei it was since Cui Jiannan narrated it orally, but she discovered it after trying twice.

[Beibei, rising rock star] [Beibei confronts the elder members of the band] [Unfortunately, rock star Beibei was killed in a car accident] …

It’s been a long time, and there’s not much information available on the Internet. Even the few photographs that remain are not as high resolution as they are today.

Even so, the high-spiritedness of a little girl cannot be hidden; she seems to have boundless strength, and even though the picture is full of confidence, her eyes are full of brightness.

You Qiuqiu also discovered the music written, performed, and sung by Beibei, and she talked in a clear feminine voice. Even if you didn’t understand the music, You Qiuqiu would enjoy it. The female voice told her ideal in a lively tone.

“I don’t want to be average and live a stable existence. I don’t want to be Mr. X’s wife, Mr. S’s mother, I want to be myself, the dazzling and bold me,” says the end.

You Qiuqiu covered her heart with her hands, feeling a little stuffy there.

She assumed Jiannan Ge had never heard his sister’s song.

You Qiuqiu is not Cui Xiangbei.

So, what drives Cui Xiangbei to be the same as You Qiuqiu?

You Qiuqiu paused for a few moments before sharing this song with Cui Jiannan.

She was jumping back and forth on the edge of offending the best actor.

However, if Jiannan feels offended, she has already offended him on the rooftop, so he might not be offended by this song.

You Qiuqiu didn’t want to overthink, so she slept off.

She didn’t see Cui Jiannan’s message a few minutes later since she had fallen asleep.

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I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 51.4

You Qiuqiu understood what she rejected, but… it wasn’t hers.

Cui Jiannan took a long look at You Qiuqiu and said, “Is it because you’re afraid of your boyfriend’s misunderstanding?”

You Qiuqiu:??

Why hadn’t she known she had a boyfriend?

Is it given to her by the state without her knowledge?

“He’s been gazing at us for a long,” Cui Jiannan said, pointing behind You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu turned her head away and almost choked on her own saliva.

The tall guy in a suit and leather shoes not far away was no less than a professional model. The other person had a handsome and elite face and must-have gold-rimmed spectacles which enhanced his appearance.

But that’s her boss.

Mr. Sheng!

What social animal doesn’t think about it, falls in love with its boss, and wants to die?

Sheng Shiyun saw that both of them were staring at him, knowing that their talk was ending, so he stepped up, shook hands with Cui Jiannan, and exchanged a few words after introducing himself.

Then he snatched You Qiuqiu and fled.

Cui Jiannan may have been rejected by You Qiuqiu, and the prospect of prolonging the talk was not appealing to him, so he did not intervene.

Jiang Tao, Sheng Shiyun, and You Qiuqiu were the three passengers in the elevator, and Sheng Shiyun was the first to speak out.

“What did Cui Jiannan just say to you?”

“Mr. Sheng, is it work time or private time?” You Qiuqiu said, looking up at the elevator ceiling.

She didn’t respond straight away to Sheng Shiyun, but asked something like this.

Under the man’s gold-rimmed spectacles, “What the heck are you doing?” was scribbled.

Nonetheless, he answered You Qiuqiu’s question, “Private time.”

Even if the artist’s employment is different from that of other office employees who work from 9 to 5, it is private time now that You Qiuqiu has finished recording the variety program.

“Then…it is secret,” You Qiuqiu said.

She had to think about how to express it during working hours since she wouldn’t say anything if it were private time.

And You Qiuqiu didn’t think she could reveal anything about Jiannan’s family issue.

Sheng Shiyun, “…”

For three seconds, he quietly stared at You Qiuqiu’s face.

He didn’t say anything and stared intently at the throbbing numbers of the elevator as if flowers could be seen on it.

You Qiuqiu is now in a good mood, and she wonders why Mr. Sheng is coming.

“Isn’t it because you were busy today and couldn’t pick us up that you now have time?”

Is it possible that Jiang Tao called Mr. Sheng on the spur of the moment?

Sheng Shiyun’s thin lips twitched, and he spoke two words to You Qiuqiu.

“It’s secret.”

He returns what You Qiuqiu just said to him in its entirety.

You Qiuqiu:???

No, what’s the deal with Mr. Sheng? This is not in line with his style of painting.

You Qiuqiu spent a long time staring at the man’s flawless profile. She had reason to believe that Mr. Sheng in front of her was a fake.

“Did you go see You Qiuqiu?”

Cui Jiannan’s agent inquired after he stepped from the rooftop.

Cui Jiannan’s agent seems to have been planning this for a long time. She knows what Cui Jiannan believes since she is his closest companion.


Cui Jiannan sat on the couch, a bitter grin on his face.

Cui Jiannan’s agent was taken aback by the other party’s actions and said, “It didn’t work?”


“How could it? You didn’t inform her what you would offer her, and she didn’t have to pay anything?”

Cui Jiannan’s agent did not expect to get a negative answer. After all, it can be said that this is a heavenly blessing that will not be denied to any newbie to the entertainment industry.

It doesn’t have to be a newbie. Those popular small flowers won’t turn it down.

Is You Qiuqiu a dimwit?

Jiannan Cui: “But, she refused.” She introduced herself as You Qiuqiu, not Cui Xiangbei.

 “Maybe she didn’t turn her head around. She will regret it.” Cui Jiannan’s agent said firmly. This is undoubtedly a sure-fire deal. Should she not have experienced such a nice thing?

You Qiuqiu is out of luck. If you’re fortunate enough to be like this, do you still push it out?

Who is insane?

Cui Jiannan’s mobile phone rang, and the agent heard it.

“Who is it?”

 Cui Jiannan: “You Qiuqiu.”

 The agent: “I just said she’ll regret asking for you; does she want to apologize?”

Cui Jiannan shook his finger, “You guessed wrong.

“She said that her boss picked the tea, and…she is allergic to lilies.”

Cui Jiannan’s gaze paused for a few moments.

The agent has no idea what that means, but Cui Jiannan does.

He had said that he enjoyed the tea that You Qiuqiu had given him. He enjoys drinking tea, believing that it was hand-picked by You Qiuqiu. The other party informed him that the boss picked the tea and that the Lily was sent by him when she was hospitalized.

Cui Xiangbei likes lilies.

You Qiuqiu has a lily allergy.

If Cui Jiannan still pinned his feelings for Cui Xiangbei on You Qiuqiu until he saw the information, then now…

No more.

Cui Xiangbei is Cui Xiangbei, the same Cui Xiangbei who has always remained for fifteen years.

Nobody can take her place.

He’s being naïve.

“Don’t mention this in the future.”

Cui Jiannan stated seriously to the agent.

The agent nodded as she understood what he meant by seriousness.

“However, what do You Qiuqiu and your sister have in common?” This is something she’s always wondered about.

She had seen Cui Xiangbei previously and believed she had nothing in common with You Qiuqiu.

“Yes, if they identify one thing, they will definitely do it.”

Cui Jiannan took up the water glass in his hand, seeing that the agent still didn’t believe it, and said, “Just watch.”

Beibei made him proud and regretful, and You Qiuqiu would not make a wrong choice either.

When You Qiuqiu returned to the room, she grieved as she ate the cold preserved egg porridge.

Wuwuww, she blew the opportunity to get wealthy quickly.

She can only take comfort in eating.

But it’s cold…

The preserved egg and lean meat porridge were hot when it arrived, but it was cold when it arrived on the rooftop.

Porridge with preserved egg and lean meat served cold.

Then the suddenly outstretched hand took You Qiuqiu’s porridge.

You Qiuqiu opened her mouth wide and roared, “Ao—” like a dragon.

“You want to bite me?” The hand owner glanced down at her and reached for her lips, saying, “Bite it.”

Sheng Shiyun compared You Qiuqiu to a little puppy in the countryside. She opened her mouth as if she intended to bite him while she was eating her porridge.

You Qiuqiu, “…” He didn’t wash his hands, and I didn’t want to bite.

She didn’t admit she didn’t dare, instead of forcing a fake smile and saying, “Mr. Sheng, how could I bite you? Everyone is a civilized person.”

But she kept staring at the porridge she was eating.

“I didn’t eat much.”

“This time, I went to record a variety show, and I didn’t grow fat or change.”

So why didn’t he let her drink her porridge?

Is there a law of heaven and a law of kings?

Sheng Shiyun said, “En.”

Did he reply by taking the preserved egg and lean meat porridge and walking out the door?

He proved to You Qiuqiu that the law of heaven and the law of kings were the ones who paid the salaries.

Even Jiang Tao thought Mr. Sheng had gone too far, “Would you want to eat some Golden Arches?”

There is still a lot left.

Sheng Shiyun returned without making You Qiuqiu wait too long.

He returned with preserved egg and lean meat porridge this time, but it was hot, and he had added two thousand layer cakes.

“I just let the hotel restaurant warm it up,” he said.


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I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 51.3

Cui Jiannan rapidly rose to fame as a popular young student at the time due to his hard work. Cui Xiangbei seemed keen to attempt to become well known in the entertainment industry. Her ideal is not the same as her brother’s, and she wants to form her rock band.

However, this was opposed by Cui Jiannan.

“The more I remain in the circle, the more I realize how chaotic and tiring it is and how many useless things there are. I didn’t understand why Xiangbei wanted to leap in at the moment, so I made a mistake.”

“Despite repeated persuasion, she did not abandon her views. I broke up with Xiangbei after saying some harsh words to her.”

What he stated was severe, and Cui Jiannan himself didn’t understand why he was so extreme at that time.

Why doesn’t she use his connections to get around? And what else do you have aside from Cui Jiannan’s sister?

But she’s a brilliant young lady, so why did he crush her ambitions at that time?

Cui Xiangbei shook her head angrily and said that she had no intention of entering the entertainment industry in the name of Cui Jiannan’s sister.

“Look at me, brother. I will become more popular than you, and you’ll tell people that you’re Cui Xiangbei’s big brother.”

Cui Jiannan recalled his sister having a boyish hairstyle at the time, and her eyes had the same upward movement as her hair.

That was their final meeting, although Cui Jiannan had been keeping a calm eye on his sister at the time.

He discovered that his sister had created a band, named it Beibei, chopped her hair even shorter, like a hedgehog, and sang with her teammates to engage in events, hooking shoulders.

He saw that his sister’s band didn’t perform as much as he had expected, but they did a fantastic job. Cui Xiangbei never revealed to the public that he was her brother.

Then, just as her band was gaining momentum and looking like they might be ready to take the next step, there was a major traffic accident.

“It’s been fifteen years.”

“In the first several years, I suffered from insomnia nearly all night and couldn’t sleep. I wondered whether I was doing anything wrong.”

 “I’m sure I was wrong.”

“I really want to go back fifteen years and take away everything I have today, and I am prepared to go back fifteen years.”

“Then I’ll tell Beibei, if you want to accomplish it, brother will back you, and brother will offer the greatest resources to help you with all my power.” Don’t leave any regrets behind.

Cui Jiannan’s tone and expression were reserved, yet every word conveyed a sense of tremendous melancholy.

You Qiuqiu aren’t exceptionally skilled at comforting others. Throughout the whole period, she remained silent. When she observed Cui Jiannan staring at her as a listener, she added, “The dead are gone, and so are the living.”

With some caution.

There is nothing to empathize with, especially in losing family members, and no amount of comfort is too small.

“You remind me a lot of Beibei, Qiuqiu.”

Cui Jiannan looked at You Qiuqiu with kind eyes, as if he saw someone else through her.

You Qiuqiu, “…” She was restless and unable to stand.

It’s all over, and the script has shifted from a possible love script to a stand-in stalk.

Cui Jiannan showed a photograph of Cui Xiangbei to You Qiuqiu.

She grinned freely at the camera while wearing a leather jacket and having an inch head.

She looked like a charming elder sister with a mature appearance.

Even though it has been fifteen years, it is entirely outdated.


“I don’t believe I’m quite like Xiangbei Jiejie. She’s so enthusiastic, and I’m so sluggish…” Cui Xiangbei has single eyelids, You Qiuqiu has double eyelids, Cui Xiangbei has short hair, and You Qiuqiu has long hair.

If there is a common point, the arc of the grin is likely similar?

You Qiuqiu’s response was a smash hit.

Cui Jiannan: “You have a lot in common.”

He got rid of his melancholy feelings, reverted to his previous tenderness, and followed suit.

“Qiuqiu, don’t worry. I want to make up for my heart’s regrets, and I want to see where Xiangbei will go if I guard it properly…”

“You only need to let me know when you are available. Talk, come out to get together once in a while if we are in one city. If you’re worried and can’t get together, it’s okay.”

You Qiuqiu took two steps back, “Jiannan Ge is pretending that I am a sister to make up for the regret? “

“I’m sorry…but my name is You Qiuqiu, not Cui Xiangbei.”

She has a lovely face that is at the top of the circle, but she is not a competent Buddhist, like a pebble with no edges or corners.

You Qiuqiu politely but firmly rejected Cui Jiannan’s suggestion.

She said that she was not Cui Xiangbei but rather You Qiuqiu.

Nobody can ever replace anyone. You Qiuqiu has known this since she was a child.

As a child, she raised a goose-yellow duckling that made a lot of noise. However, it is warm in her palm, and You Qiuqiu enjoys it.

The young duck eventually traveled to Duck Planet. You Qiuqiu, an elementary school monk, cried a lot. Her father wanted to buy her another one, but when she got to the market, there were a bunch of young yellow ducks, making You Qiuqiu immediately change her mind.

It wasn’t her small duck, the little duck with white fur on its head, who would chase her down.

Cui Jiannan was taken aback. He told You Qiuqiu, “I’m not sure whether to call you foolish or smart, Qiuqiu. Do you realize what you’re rejecting?”

She rejects the connections he has made over the years, a worry-free future, and large sums of money.

Do you want to get wealthy overnight?

Perhaps the door Cui Jiannan opened for You Qiuqiu will help her to see this.

“It’s getting late. Jiannan Ge goes to bed early,” You Qiuqiu said, looking out at dusk.

Her preserved egg and lean meat porridge will most likely be cold.

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