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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 409

Chapter 409

Even if Feng Bo was standing behind her now, he could imagine the expression on her cute face.

In his eyes, a faint smile appeared.

“Then let’s get started right away.”

Feng Bo grabbed the rope with both hands and pushed Xi Ying forward after speaking.

The swing has a lot of inertia, and Xi Ying is small and light.

So Feng Bo simply shook her a few times, and the swing began to swing back and forth on its own.

He then took a step back.

Xi Ying clenched her lower lip, her flat bangs blown up by the wind, revealing a small and delicate round forehead.

She appeared to be both nervous and happy.

When she looked at Feng Bo, Xi Ying’s clear eyes reflected the sun’s rays, shining brightly.

In the distance, the doctors on the balcony put down their binoculars one by one and exclaimed, “Why didn’t we think of this method sooner? It’s a shame Wanwan has never used the swing!”

“Who said I hadn’t considered it? I thought of it! But I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch Wanwan if she falls and gets hurt, so I haven’t tried it.”

“This Feng Bo isn’t bad; I’ve already chosen him!”

“It seems like the person who prepared it for you. Go and don’t make trouble, whether you can choose or not depends mainly on Wanwan’s attitude.”

“If you want to know if Wanwan can accept Feng Bo, watch when Wanwan takes the initiative to approach him.”

“Hey, I said, this guy Feng Bo has only talked to Wanwan for less than five hours, and you want him to marry Wanwan?”

“Who would like to marry Wanwan! I can’t bear the thought of someone marrying such a lovely lady!”

“If it weren’t for Wanwan’s happiness, I’d like Angel Wanwan to be our healing angel here ah…”

Speaking of which, a group of middle-aged men became depressed.

They couldn’t be with their children for long periods due to work, so they regarded Wanwan as their daughter.

Now that they believe Wanwan will leave here after getting married, they can no longer see the cute angel Wanwan in this way, which makes them very sad.

And Xi Ying is completely unaware of their anguish.

She’s having a good time on the swing.

She has never played much, whether she came to the Lord God’s space or the previous plane.

This is not the same as playing on the playground. The facilities are unique, not dangerous, and not overly large.

The gentle breeze passes over her face, the light and shadow shifting as she swings back and forth.

The world appears to have changed dramatically.

As if there were a pair of large hands trying to heal Xi Ying’s heart wound.

Even if it takes a long time, the process will eventually end.

Xi Ying had no idea Feng Bo had left her side.

She was still swinging alone.

The entire swing abruptly came to an end.

Xi Ying turned her head for unknown reasons and discovered that standing behind her was not Feng Bo but a group of men and women.

Two people grabbed the swing, preventing it from moving.

The bald man in front of her wrapped his arms around her. The woman in the center has a ruffian expression on her face.

The woman being hugged has a shy expression as if she is a little lover.

“Hey, you, come down! ”

The bald man pointed angrily at Xi Ying.

Xi Ying looked around.

The mist-shrouded her black eyes, the water was misty, and some couldn’t see the emotions in her eyes.

In the eyes of Feng Bo and the doctors, her expression was so cute that she cried.

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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 408

Chapter 408

How could Feng Bo be so gentle and patient with a spoiled brat?

Jane Sisi was irritated.

She calmed down and followed after Feng Bo and Xi Ying walked ten meters away.

“Bo, it seems that the two of us are truly fated. I’m here to say hello ahead of time.” Jian Sisi tried her hardest to smile sincerely.

Feng Bo didn’t even look at her, instead turning his head to check on Xi Ying behind him to see if she had fallen.

Jian Sisi clenched her teeth and stared at Xi Ying with fire in her eyes.

However, her expression remained lighthearted.

“Which room do you live in? I live in 1048. We can visit each other when we are free.” Jian Sisi took the initiative to give her room number.

Feng Bo didn’t seem to notice her voice. His eyes were fixed ahead, and his steps were leisurely.

“Why are you acting this way, Feng Bo? If I talked to you for too long, you wouldn’t say anything back.

Let me tell you, I have a good temper, and if it were another girl, they would totally ignore you.”

Jian Sisi shrugged casually.

Feng Bo’s gaze finally shifted to her face as soon as these words were spoken.

“Go away.”

All of Jian Sisi’s expressions froze when she heard the short words.

She had no idea Feng Bo would say such a cruel thing to her.

So hurtful.

Jian Sisi came to a halt and froze.

On the other hand, Feng Bo and Xi Ying did not stop and came to the swing together.

Feng Bo first placed the lamp on the swing’s seat to imitate for Xi Ying.

Xi Ying tilted her head with her eyes pure and her sweet expression.

In Jian Sisi’s opinion, Feng Bo’s expression was patient, and there appeared to be a faint smile hanging on the corner of his mouth.

After completing the simulation, he removed the lamp and placed it on the grass.

Xi Ying sat on the swing with both hands clamped on her lap.

Feng Bo, standing behind her, quickly bent his brows, grabbed her wrist, and placed her two hands on the swing’s ropes on both sides.

Jian Sisi has seen Feng Bo and laughed several times since she first saw him on the playground!

Jian Sisi has rarely seen Feng Bo laugh in the past!

From elementary school to graduation, the number of times Feng Bo’s smiling face appeared is almost equal to the number of fingers on one hand!

Jian Sisi had always thought that he had iceberg facial nerve paralysis, so she was thrilled to see this smile on a face that was paralyzed.

But what about now?

Excuse me?!

What about the iceberg facial nerve paralysis?

How about not smiling?

How did everything come crashing down after meeting this little brat?

What on earth is this little brat?

Feng Bo had only been with her for five hours, yet he was captured by her?

He laughed and shook hands. Shouldn’t the next step be…

Jian Sisi was able to stop her brain supplementation just in time.

It’s best to find out who this little brat is as soon as possible!

She snorted arrogantly and turned to leave after one last look at this harmonious and beautiful picture.

Feng Bo is currently ‘teaching’ Xi Ying how to grasp the ropes on both sides of the swing.

“Hold tight, or you’ll be thrown out when you fly up, and the lamp tube will shatter, making you unable to shine.”

Feng Bo informed Xi Ying, who was deeply involved in the game.

Xi Ying didn’t say anything, but her hands appeared to be holding the rope nervously.

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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 407

Chapter 407

Feng Bo turned his head to look at Xi Ying after giving an indifferent ‘um.’ “Actually, you are a multi-functional desk lamp that can charge and absorb solar energy.

So, let’s go to the swing over there and absorb some solar energy.”

Feng Bo was unaware that he had already begun to coax her by mimicking how the doctors spoke to Xi Ying.

Why is this so?

Because Xi Ying is now far too endearingly silly and cute.

She is imaginative and harmless.

Despite her mental illness, she will not attack others on her own initiative.

She was lost in her little world, looking at this no longer pure world through those pure and clean eyes.

Such a person makes Feng Bo, who is used to seeing life’s difficulties, feel different.

It’s similar to eating candied fruit after drinking a bowl of bitter Chinese medicine.

Sweet in the heart, a smile on the face.

Xi Ying cannot speak as a desk lamp, even if it is a high-tech desk lamp that can absorb solar energy.

She blinked at Feng Bo, indicating that she had agreed.

So Feng Bo led the way with the lamp, and Xi Ying trailed behind.

Jian Sisi was about to burst when he saw this scene!

She took the initiative to approach Feng Bo, dressed so nicely that he gave her a non-salty ‘um’!

But what about this girl?

Feng Bo said so many words to her, with a pleasant face and a coaxing tone, that Jian Sisi considered it a great favour!

But she said nothing and just stared blankly at Feng Bo!

Is she dumb?

How can a dumb person turn Feng Bo’s attitude around?

Is it because she has an immature body like a child?

Jian Sisi cast an unintentional glance at her chest.

Although it can’t be called a roaring sea, it’s impressive ah!

How does that brat’s flat chest compare to hers?

So, why? Because she is attractive?

Jian Sisi acknowledged that this little brat appears innocent and cute, making people feel at ease when they see it.

To exaggerate a bit, it was like seeing a little angel.

Especially when she doesn’t say anything and just stares at people with her cute big wet eyes.


It is not beautiful in the least!

That brat has no comparison to her!

Jian Sisi didn’t dare say anything else, but she was 100% sure of her own appearance!

After all, she’d had a lot of micro-face surgeries, okay?

Her face has been refined a few points with each micro facelift, and she now has a full score, ah.

Unlike celebrities, Jian Sisi believed that there would be no second focus in the crowd as long as she was noticeable.

So Jian Sisi had no idea why Feng Bo didn’t want to look at her more.

She has been by his side from elementary school to university, graduation, and work.

They should have been childhood best friends, a natural match.

But why is it that every time she confesses, Feng Bo rejects her?

If you refuse, you will refuse, anyway, there has never been another woman around Feng Bo.

Jian Sisi believed she had a good chance of winning.

When Jian Sisi learned that Feng Bo had been forcibly pulled over to participate in this experiment, she had no choice but to drop everything she was working on and join in.

She purposefully tidied up her clothes before walking over to Feng Bo on the playground.

But what did she see?

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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 406

Chapter 406

Bright and lovely, but with a sense of distance beyond reach.

For a moment, Xi Ying locked her gaze on him.

Then her gaze dropped to the steamed buns and soy milk in his hands.

The pink lips opened, and the room was filled with a crisp, sweet, and waxy voice.

“I’d like to charge.”

Feng Bo was surprised.

It turned out she could speak.

The voice is also quite good.

As crispy as a bird waking up in the early morning forest

It makes people feel refreshed and peaceful, as well as very comfortable.

He handed Xi Ying the soy milk and steamed buns.

Xi Ying took it, eating and drinking in small sips.

She looked at the lamp that had been replaced on the desk while eating.

Her gaze was fixed as if nothing could take her attention away from it.

Her cheeks were full on both sides as she ate, decreasing and increasing as she chewed.

Feng Bo’s eyes flashed with a thin smile.

In this way, she resembles a small hamster eating.

Surprisingly, it made him feel adorable.

He seemed to grasp a tiny spark of why those doctors had been so supportive of Wanwan not long ago.

Wanwan is a clear stream of existence in this hospital full of mentally ill patients.

After breakfast, Xi Ying resumed her role as her desk lamp.

But she didn’t last long this time.

They have to go out for activities from ten to eleven-thirty in the morning.

Being in the room all day does nothing to improve their condition and only worsens it.

As a result, Feng Bo could only let Wanwan leave the room with him and walk to the playground holding the lamp.

The couple’s appearance drew the attention of other mentally ill people in the square.

It’s not because of their appearance against the sky or because Wanwan is well-known here.

However, anyone who comes to the playground with a desk lamp attracts attention.

Especially the lady in the red gown.

When she saw Feng Bo, she looked surprised and walked quickly toward him.

“I didn’t expect to see you here, Feng Bo.” Jian Sisi’s tone was bold, and her red dress exuded heroism.

It’s a pity that…

Xi Ying could tell she was acting right away.

[Reporting to the host, the Lord God’s task has been released.

  1. Turn Jane Sisi into a true mental patient. Level of mental illness: severe.]

To put it bluntly, drive Jane Sisi insane.

Xi Ying was perplexed by this Lord God’s task.

A real mental illness?

Isn’t Jane Sisi already here?

Aren’t all of the mentally ill in hospitals?

According to the Lord God’s task, is Jian Sisi not sick? Is she pretending?

But why pretend to be sick when you aren’t and then pretend to be mentally ill?

What is her task?

Will this be one of the Lord God’s tasks?

Because there are no details about the mission, Xi Ying can only make guesses about how to improve the situation of this plane over time.

But she’s changed her mind.

Jian Sisi must have done something wrong to Wanwan.

Otherwise, the Lord God’s task will not be directed specifically at her.

In this case, Xi Ying would be extra cautious of Jian Si.

She was curious to see what this heroic woman planned to do to her.

Feng Bo simply said ‘um’ in response to Jian Sisi’s initiative to strike up a conversation.

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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 405

Chapter 405

Let’s do it; all she has to do is imagine, and her imagination is quite rich.

Feng Bo first finished his breakfast on his own.

Then he returned to Xi Ying with the last soy milk and steamed buns.

He looked at Xi Ying with a playful expression on his face.

He works as a psychiatrist.

The distinction between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is that the former is more inclined toward medicine. In contrast, the latter relies entirely on alienation from psychological disorders or shadows to achieve treatment goals.

Thus, psychologists have existed since the beginning to assist people suffering from mental illnesses.

Furthermore, because Feng Bo’s identity and background are so strong, the patients he sees are primarily those from wealthy families who are sick in their minds and suffering in their hearts.

He’d never seen a mentally ill patient like Xi Ying before.

Don’t cry, don’t cause trouble, don’t go insane, and don’t make a racket.

Just stay there quietly, immersed in your fantasy world.

She didn’t look suffering at all.

“Are you hungry, Wanwan?” Feng Bo still decided to put Xi Ying to the test with words first.

He reasoned that when the doctors spoke to Wanwan, her eyes were focused even though she didn’t respond.

It indicates that she can hear and understand.

Xi Ying remained silent.

Feng Bo thought Ning Jun said she was now a desk lamp, and seeing that no matter what he said, she would never respond, he picked up the desk lamp with his free hand.

Xi Ying finally responded this time.

Her gaze followed the movement of the lamp in mid-air.

Feng Bo placed the lamp in front of him, and Xi Ying turned to face him. “Wanwan, I know you’re a lamp now, and you can’t speak or respond to me.

But you should be aware that the lamp requires food to function.”

He unplugs the cord and presses the switch key.

“Look, if there’s no power, the desk lamp won’t turn on, right?”

A group of doctors was filming the case in the surveillance room behind the surveillance camera.

“My Feng Bo is fantastic! I didn’t expect him to take Wanwan’s explanation seriously!”

“Oh, you should know that, while Feng Bo’s condition is mild, he also has mental issues, so he easily accepted Wanwan’s condition and quickly blended into it.

Tsk, I think the boyfriend I chose for Wan Wan is wonderful!

I’m so discerning!”

“What made you pick it for Wanwan? Didn’t we all go with Feng Bo? You scumbag, old man!”

The monitoring room is noisy but unusually warm and peaceful.

They are all loving doctors.

The screen returns to the room.

After hearing Feng Bo’s words, Xi Ying looked at him with those innocent, deer-eyed eyes that could fool anyone.

When Feng Bo saw this, he knew she had paid attention to her words.

He kept the bun warm with one hand while re-plugging the cord plug into the lamp with the other.

Flip the switch.

The warm orange light gradually appeared, softly encircling Feng Bo’s face and softening his initially somewhat profound facial features.

He smiled at Xi Ying and raised his face. “It ate something, so it has the energy to shine.

The purpose of a table lamp is to illuminate; if it cannot emit light, it is meaningless.

Similarly to Wanwan, if you can’t shine without eating, your lamp is useless.”

Feng Bo’s black eyes flickered with a seductive shattered awn in the warm orange light.

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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 404

Chapter 404

The door opened just a minute after Feng Bo left the desk.

A small dining cart was pushed into the room.

A female nurse in a pink uniform pushed the dining cart while her eyes kept darting between Xi Ying and Feng Bo.


She regarded Feng Bo in the same way she regarded her future son-in-law.

Another member of the family!

The dining cart was pushed in front of Feng Bo by Ning Jun.

“What do you want for breakfast?” she asked politely.

“Soy milk and steamed buns.” Feng Bo pointed to the warm first layer.

Ning Jun grabbed them and handed them to Feng Bo.

When he was about to take over, she raised the food and refused to let him take it.

Feng Bo raised his head to look at her, his dark eyes puzzled.

Ning Jun was again taken aback by Feng Bo’s appearance, even though it was not her first time seeing it.

He had a pair of black eyes as bright as stars, but he purposefully suppressed the light in them.

It’s as if a layer of clouds and mist has covered up the starry night, making its original beauty hard to see.

Black hair is loose and casually fluffy, like ink.

The square forehead is exposed without bangs, but it is more handsome than those popular little fresh meat with bangs.

His skin was extremely fair, almost sickly pale.

On the other hand, his lips were quite rosy, creating a stark contrast.

Ning Jun always thought that someone like Feng Bo should wear glasses with gold rims.

Her eyes shifted up and down, and she sensed a gentle scum.

Gentle scum?

She imagined Feng Bo, wearing glasses with gold frames, would come up to Wanwan and push her toward the bed.

Wanwan lay down on the bed late at night, with no way out, and then Feng Bo removed his glasses and threw himself…


Ning Jun found her brain supplement humorous.

She decided to go back and told the others that she must get a pair of gold-rimmed glasses for Feng Bo!

“Why don’t you give it to me?” Feng Bo’s deep and refreshing voice drew Ning Jun’s wild mind back.

Ning Jun regained consciousness, coughed twice to conceal her embarrassment, and then explained to Feng Bo in a low voice: “You are free to eat your breakfast, but you must make sure that Wanwan eats breakfast every day.

You can also see that Wanwan has been standing in this position for nearly half an hour.

To tell you the truth, Wanwan has a delusional disorder.

Every day, she imagines herself as someone else.

Yesterday she was a rabbit; today she appears to be a lamp.

She was originally living alone, so it’s my responsibility to feed her.

But now you’re her roommate, and the job of taking care of her is left to you.

I’m relieved because I know your condition is minor.

Okay, I’ll give you both of the soy milk buns. I hope you can look after her well.”

Ning Jun finished speaking quietly and quickly, then handed Feng Bo two soy milk buns, pushed the dining cart, and turned to leave.

Her speed is too fast.

Feng Bo didn’t even have enough time to open his mouth and refuse.


The door slammed shut.

Feng Bo lowered his gaze to the warm food in his hands.

Taking care of Wanwan?

Why did he have the impression that things were not so simple?

Xi Ying overheard all of Ning Jun and Feng Bo’s conversations.

Delusional disorder.

It turns out that her condition is known as delusional disorder.

It is no wonder that it will not cause harm to others because this disease is aimed at the patient itself.

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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 403

Chapter 403


After a brief pause, Xi Ying inquired, “Isn’t this the Lord God’s first task? What about the rest?”

[Host, this plane’s quest has been upgraded; there are no quest details, and the Lord God’s task will not be released all at once; you must trigger the plot to learn the details and discover the other task.

Furthermore, I’m not sure how many tasks there are in total; that is, we won’t know whether the Lord God’s task has been completed or not until you trigger it.]

Xi Ying: “…”

She had only speculated in the previous plane whether it would become this pattern in the future, but it came true so quickly.


Be adaptable.

An adorable mentally ill person?

That sounds really exciting.

Then, she should do something.

Xi Ying got out of bed and walked over to her desk.

She stood in front of the lamp and then stood motionless, looking ‘tenderly’ at it.

And she happened to be looking in the direction of Feng Bo’s.

Feng Bo was writing something on white paper with coloured pencils when he noticed someone standing beside him and ‘gazing’ at him, so he looked up.

Xi Ying’s eyes, on the other hand, did not look at him at all but rather at the lamp in front of him, almost without blinking.

The sense of self-indulgence was embarrassing.

Feng Bo clenched his fist, his eyes fluttered, and he coughed lightly to hide his embarrassment.

Then he keeps writing on white paper.

Xi Ying simply stood there, motionless.

A group of doctors stood behind the surveillance footage, watching it with interest.

“Eh, eh, what did Wanwan act like right now?”

“I believe it’s a tree!”

“The tree must be in direct sunlight! I guess it’s a vase!”

“You’re all idiots. The vase should be in the corner! Let me give you the correct answer! It’s a lamp!”

“Damn it! You seem to be right! Wanwan has been staring at the desk lamp, which means that the lamp is ‘similar’ to her in her heart!”

“But Wanwan still hasn’t had breakfast…”

“Why is breakfast being delivered so late today?” Someone was angry.

How can their angel begin her ‘play’ without breakfast!

Her body won’t take it any longer!

“Hurry, hurry, let someone bring her breakfast! Tell Feng Bo about Wanwan’s condition, which can create an opportunity for Feng Bo and Wanwan to communicate. Hey, it doesn’t seem like it’s a bad thing at all. ”

The doctors exchanged smiles.

Feng Bo discovered that Xi Ying was still standing there after he finished writing everything he wanted to record.

He put everything on the table back into the drawer, then looked at Xi Ying and tentatively called out, “Wanwan?”

Feng Bo overheard the doctors addressing Xi Ying as “Wanwan.”

Even if she is dumb, her eyes should change.

Xi Ying remained silent.

She is now the lamp.

The lamp cannot communicate.

Feng Bo stopped communicating with Xi Ying because she was motionless and her eyes didn’t even move.

He knew the ‘Aboriginals’ in this area were severely mentally ill.

So don’t be surprised if they make some strange movements.

As for him?

It’s just an experimenter who was coerced into doing the experiment by a friend.

He works as a psychiatrist.

How can he be mentally ill?

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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 402

Chapter 402

For them, Wanwan is very nice and cute, but mentally ill patients like Wanwan are difficult to accept for many normal people.

The doctors will also go to great lengths to find a man with the least illness who will get along well with Wanwan.

No, let them finally wait!

They need to figure out how to make him and Wanwan a couple!

Can you see how these two go together?

Xi Ying didn’t say anything, which surprised the doctors.

But she was sitting quietly on the bed today, which made them feel strange.

They were relieved, however, when they realised how recently she had awoken.

“Wanwan, remember to take the medicine after brushing your teeth and eating breakfast.” The doctor gave Xi Ying clear instructions, word by word.

Xi Ying tilted her head, her eyes innocent and harmless.

The doctors couldn’t help but admire, ah! As one would expect from an angelic Wanwan!

These gazes simply strike the softest spot in their hearts!

Keep calling for their fatherly love to come out!

Feng Bo sat on the bed and looked at the two doctors, his eyes flat and his brows slightly raised.

Does he think something is wrong with the doctors in this mental hospital?

How can you put such an expression on someone who is mentally ill?

It would make him feel like a tourist in the appearance of a giant panda.

Feng Bo’s gaze shifted to Xi Ying as he reflected on this.

He was curious to see what this figure, which the doctor compared to a giant panda, looked like.

The lustrous pink earlobe was revealed by meticulously pinning the short black hair that reached the ear.

The flat bangs are neatly attached to the forehead and cut short to the brows, which looks cute and lovely.

Her eyes are large and her face is small.

The eyes are pure and innocent, like a stray deer in the human world, very pure and beautiful.

She was dressed in a pink and white nightgown with long pants and long sleeves that covered her arms and legs.

However, a pair of white and tender feet were revealed.

Her feet are delicate, with well-kept toes and a healthy pink sheen.

Lovely appearance.

She is also very quiet.

The two doctors spoke to her a lot, but she didn’t respond, instead staring at them with those big innocent eyes.

Feng Bo thought she was probably dumb.

Only the two of them remained in the room after the doctor had left.

Xi Ying was still sitting on the bed silently.

She rests her chin on her arms and holds her knees with her hands.

She is awaiting the task of the Lord God.

But Feng Bo was unwilling to be lonely.

He got up and walked over to the desk.

The desk was spotless, with only one lamp.

When he opens the drawer, he finds a large amount of white paper and a box of coloured pencils.

Apart from that, there was nothing.

He sat down and took out a piece of white paper and coloured pencils.

At the same time, Xi Ying finally received the Lord God’s mission.

[Reporting to the Host, the Lord God’s task has been released.

  1. Keep Mu Wanwan’s adorable mentally ill patient’s character.

Mu Wanwan’s mental illness is distinct from ordinary mental illness, and all the states she exhibits are loveable.

She doesn’t go insane, she doesn’t bite anything, and she doesn’t endanger anyone.

For example, she sometimes feels like a cactus pot.

She would run to a sunny spot and stand with her hands up all day at this time.

Do you know the meaning of this character design, Host?]

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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 401

Chapter 401

Two doctors in white coats entered the room, followed by a man.

The man was calm, and his gaze swept around when he entered the room.

Xi Ying was still sitting on the bed, but her eyes moved in sync with theirs, and everything else remained unchanged.

She believed she had guessed something.

The single beds were placed opposite one another.

A desk against the wall is in the middle of the two single beds.

“You will be living here as of today. We will release you once your condition has stabilized.”

“This is your medicine for today. Take it all. Do you hear me?” said the doctor to the man.

Xi Ying noticed that the doctor spoke to the man in an unusual tone.

It’s similar to coaxing a child.

Coax a child?

Xi Ying felt that the thoughts in her mind had become more perfect.

“Okay.” The man solemnly took the medicine from the doctor’s hand and said.

His voice is pleasant.

It has a refreshing sweet fragrance, like a breeze passing by the stream in the mountains.

Following their conversation with the man, the two doctors proceeded to Xi Ying’s bedside.

Xi Ying is currently sitting on the bed, holding her knees.

When she saw the two doctors approaching, she curled up into a small ball, which was endearing.

“Don’t be afraid, Wanwan ah; this big brother is sick like you, so he came here to see a doctor.

Although he shares your room, you are free to do whatever you want and are not required to be affected in any way.

He is him, you are you, and you are the one and only Wanwan.”

Xi Ying had the impression that she had misunderstood the doctor.

The man’s tone was not too normal compared to the doctor’s tone!

What the hell is this kindergarten kid’s tone?

These, however, are all complaints in Xi Ying’s heart.

She opened her eyes as innocently as a deer and stared straight at the two doctors.

The two doctors’ hearts seemed to melt as they saw the ignorance and innocence in her eyes.

Both of these doctors have sons and daughters. They regard Wanwan as a daughter who requires special attention.

Wanwan is an angel in comparison to other mentally ill patients.

Her previous performance was cute and warm; even though it was unusual, it would not make people feel uncomfortable but would instead warm their hearts!

Such a Wanwan is not like those who are mentally ill!

She is a true angel! A young princess! A gift from God!

That’s why they put the hospital’s most attractive and nicest men in the Wanwan room.

Wanwan has reached the marriageable age, and the doctors at the hospital all hope that she will be able to marry like any other person.

They are said to have watched Wanwan grow into the slim girl she is today as if she were a family member.

As a result, the courtyard is a two-person room that transforms into a single room for Wanwan.

Because the doctors are selfish, they want to choose the best person to live in the same room as Wanwan and develop love over time.


Although the doctors encouraged her to marry, she could not do so because of her mental health issues.

They are not going to be barely normal people.

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Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 400

Chapter 400 – I’m Sick, Do You Have Medicine?

This scene was being watched by Xi Ying and Xiao Yiyi in the Lord God’s space.

Xiao Yiyi sobbed uncontrollably. Her face filled with snot and tears as she took out one tissue after another.

And Xi Ying stared at the screen without blinking, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Drop by drop, it slid down her cheeks.

Lu Zijin was lonely forever.

He swallowed the core chip that Xi Ying had left behind before dying.

He died with a smile on his face.

He could finally meet Bing Ning legitimately, and he could tell her, “Look, I didn’t lie to you, I only have you as a woman in this life.”

[Host… woo woo… Lu Zijin! He is so miserable!

I’m so sad! Why must it be this way, ah? Woo woo…]

While crying, Xiao Yiyi inquired.

In reality, she didn’t expect Xi Ying to respond.

Xi Ying stood up and entered the training ground.

She entered and stayed for the entire twenty-hour period.

She appeared exhausted and sweating profusely twenty hours later.

And Xiao Yiyi’s mood has long since stabilised.

[Reporting to the Host, the main Lord God’s quest and the side quest have all been completed. After deducting the points used by the plane, you will get a total of 105,200 points, and the accumulated remaining points will be 195,200 points.]

[Reporting host, Xiao Yiyi level has been upgraded from LV7 to LV8, and the voice function has been upgraded to advanced elementary.

The appearance of Xiao Yiyi can already be changed. Is the Host planning to make Xiao Yiyi look more feminine?]

“No.” Xi Ying refused.

[All right, Xiao Yiyi stays the same.]

[Ah, ah, Host, why don’t you let me transform into a girl! I, too, want to mature! I’ve always been a child. How can you do this? I want to grow up as well!]

Xiao Yiyi intends to create a stir by acting cute with Xi Ying for a while.

But Xi Ying was unconcerned and ignored her, so she went to take a shower.

She fell asleep on the bed after taking a shower.

Seeing that Xi Ying was going to sleep, Xiao Yiyi remained silent.

She keeps quiet.

Xi Ying turned away from Xiao Yiyi without closing her eyes.

How can she sleep?

Her heart throbbed with pain as she remembered Lu Zijin.

The deeper the love, the more difficult it is to see the lover suffer such an ending.

Her heart is in excruciating pain.

Xi Ying sobbed quietly.

For some reason, she fell into a deep sleep.

[Host, get up quickly! Host, if you don’t get up again, you won’t be able to complete the mission of the Lord God! Host, the Lord God is here! ]

Another odd alarm sound.

Xi Ying blinked open his eyes.

A new journey begins.

The ceiling is completely white.

Xi Ying sat up in bed and looked around the room.

The room’s layout is straightforward, with a single bed, a desk, and a bathroom.

It’s also all white.

The pinhole camera hidden in the corner did not escape Xi Ying’s sharp eyes.

White room with a pinhole camera.

So, what exactly is this place?

Xiao Yiyi didn’t give any hints, so Xi Ying had no choice but to wait and see what happened.

Because the Lord God’s task has not yet been issued, and she is unsure if any tasks must be maintained, she believes that sitting on the bed and waiting quietly is the safest option.

After about a half-hour wait, Xi Ying did not wait for the Lord God’s mission, but the door to the room was opened.

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