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The First Kindergarten in the Universe

The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 71.2

“Be quick, don’t dawdle or the food will not be warm for too long in winter, I cooked a box of leeks for everyone today,” Xu Qiu told the cubs.

When fried food is cold, it tastes less delicious.

On the other hand, Xu Qiu cooks one or two fried meals for the cubs every now and then since they are tasty.

Those cubs who still had a lot of questions in their hearts vanished as soon as she finished speaking.

Except for the removal of the previously attached robotic arm, most of the hamsters start up without a hitch. They can live a regular life if they become human, but it is quite cold presently and a little chilly outside, making people tremble.

After all, they are criminals who can bend and stretch, and at first, they dared to reject the terms Xu Qiu gave.


The hamsters are resisting the terrible cold this winter by virtue of their righteousness, no, they are bandits, as they smelled the aroma of thick rice and witnessed others devouring warm food.

The comparison was too tragic, especially when they heard the cubs swallow their food and they were hit in the soft spot all at once.

Unfortunately, the big guy stepped outside and risked his life for what? You can eat whatever you want, and it’s not just for the sake of fragrant and delicious food.

People are eating hot food there now, and these unlucky guys suffer here. The hamster thieves aren’t extremely tenacious. They all caved in at the same time.

“Principal! We will do everything you request! Let us do our best to assist, or we shall starve to death and be unlucky to be outside the kindergarten.”

These bandits had evil eyes and could spot Xu Qiu at a glance. The little human female is the true kindergarten master; as long as Xu Qiu opened her mouth, the other cubs would not do anything to them, even if they were unhappy.

There appears to be nothing to be ashamed of in other people’s territory because others cannot see it anyway.

The hamster thief is unaware that the cubs can hear their conversation.

“These men are so shameless that we can’t possibly become like them.”

The cubs expressed their anger at such adults, and Xu Qiu took advantage of the situation to speak a few more words: “Yes, everyone must not learn from them.”

What an excellent negative textbook.

The 40 thieves who steal and play tricks are clearly not grownups to learn from, and the other white rabbit is also a bad teacher.

Yan Dong was often too busy at the research institute to eat. When he was starving, he simply drank the nutritional supplements.

Most of the other researchers at the institute have the same issue, and they are in high-risk groups, such as gastrointestinal disorders.

Yan Dong couldn’t care less about eating because no one was watching and caring for his three meals daily.

He concentrated on disassembling the old instruments, entirely ignoring his hungry stomach.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 71.1

The hamster’s comments drew the attention of all the cubs at once. The whole hamster shook like crazy as ten sets of very scary eyes looked at it.

The fluff from the hamster thief’s mouth was blown up all over his body. This hamster mutated into an explosive rat, and it was clear he was one of the 40 thieves.

The other hamsters left their friends without a second thought and made room for the cubs so they wouldn’t get killed by the death rays and become the fish that affected the pond fish.

The person pointed out by the hamster was none other than the two brothers, Ding Ding and Dong Dong.

The cubs were all together at first, and it was impossible to see who the hamster was referring to, but as the other cubs stood aside, the two low-key small bats were exposed to everyone’s gaze all at once.

There is no way, they don’t want to see the bat, and they all blame the chatty hamster.

Because the hamsters were hurried, the cubs shivered from the wind they created.

“What are you pointing at us two? Even if you say something nice, the two of us will not treat you well.”

The two little bats said it together and quickly began reading the group of thieves’ heart sounds.

“You two are blood races. Why would you two stay in such a desolate place instead of staying in your own home?”

The blood race is the most exclusive race, and they place a high value on their young cubs.

Why would these two small bats arrive at such a remote kindergarten if they were blood clan cubs?

Ding Ding and Dong Dong haven’t seen much of the world, and when they heard what the hamsters thought, they were confused.

What the hell does this guy mean? What does the blood family have to do with them?

Is neither of them a true human being? Even though they look different, everyone thinks they will all reach the same goal and grow up to be very handsome men.

The foreign blood race name seemed to open a mystery door in their bodies, causing the two brothers, Ding Ding and Dong Dong, to tremble.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 70.1

“I’ve just called the cops.”

She looked enraged and dissatisfied.

Xu Qiu sensed Jin Xingxing was upset and took the big fox aside.

For the time being, the cubs do not need to be aware of the negative sides of the adult world.

“What do you say over there?”

“When I called the police, things were just starting to go smoothly, and they said they would come,” Jin Xing clenched her teeth, her lovely face somewhat twisted by anger: “After reporting the address, the other side did not speak and asked us to solve it ourselves.”

She called the police and informed the opposite party that the hapless Forty Thieves had arrived on their planet due to a spaceship crash. She requested that the law enforcement authorities remove these violent criminals as quickly as possible.

The other party then enquired attentively about the forty thieves’ conditions and whether there were treasures in the spacecraft’s debris.

Jin Xingxing replied honestly since she could send a video and film the Forty Thieves situation for those people.

The conversation is fairly normal here.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 70.2

The school clinic has now been added, making it an all-in-one facility. It’s nice to have various parties contribute to the icing on the cake, but there’s nothing to be sad about if you miss something.

“Was the kindergarten in the city where you stayed the last time similar to ours?”

“Of course not,” Jin Xingxing refuted subconsciously.

Her current location is far more prosperous than her hometown, so her hometown is superior to this location.

After all, even if her hometown is deep in the mountains, it is also densely forested. The mountain is still close to town. You can go to town to play after you get down from the mountain.

She could go to school like other kids when she was younger. Although the school was in tatters, there were still many youngsters from different families. She may study hard and then move to a bigger city.

“But Lily and the others haven’t seen these things,” Xu Qiu pointed out.

Jin Xingxing became speechless.

Her daughter has gotten so big as a result of her that she can no longer see the outside world.

Although you can watch videos on the Internet inside the kindergarten, the videos are only images, which is not the same as the immersive real experience.

“What are we going to do now that we only have so many people?”

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 69.2

Bah rabbit, reject him, and beat him!

“Strange, your kindergarten is unique. There are many unusual species that have been collected.”

Xu Qiu couldn’t fully understand what the strange visitor said.

The other party did not appear to have amnesia.

Of course, Yan Dong had no recollection of the past. He would undoubtedly know his cheap nephew if he remembered the past.

This nephew is said to resemble him only in the color of his coat. Yan Dong doesn’t care much about his family, and he finds him more and more disgusting because he looks like his biological father.

There is merely a tenuous blood link but no emotional foundation. Yan Dong’s basic impression of Bai Sa in this circumstance is possibly enmity for the same family.

But, for the time being, Yan Dong has forgotten the past.

The bang in the head caused by the stupid little robot caused congestion in Yan Dong’s brain, causing him to have a mild concussion and forget part of his memory.

However, Yan Dong is not a fool, nor has his temperament changed dramatically.

Amnesia is not a type of magic that can transform one person into another.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 69.1

This man prefers to stay in the basement which the cubs detest.

The underground environment, like those underground business streets, is not good; even if shopping malls and clinics may be arranged to make a commercial street model, its ventilation is doomed to be significantly inferior to the outdoors.

That is to say, the two young bat brothers like this kind of environment a little bit, but when they think of those icy needles, they reject this area in their hearts.

The cubs were curious about this white rabbit, and a group followed Xu Qiu to the underground research institution.

It may be due to his attractive face or long legs. The man in the gray overalls appears to be a nobleman.

His temperament and clothes cannot reflect his true identity, but people can tell he is wealthy simply by looking at him.

A planet master who will be targeted by thieves must be very valuable. Is this a peculiarity of the wealthy?

The man turned to face Xu Qiu after noticing her.

Compared to his bewildered appearance when they first met, the man’s expression this time was more indifferent and alienated.

With such a temperament, a cold face, and only white hair, it’s difficult for people to link him with the snow-white rabbit.

Even though the opposing party has a strong lead, this is Xu Qiu’s territory.

“Mr. D, you may now walk outside to rest. The underground location is not helpful to your wound’s recovery.”

Xu Qiu also discovered that the big white rabbit is Mr. D from the heart sounds of the group of hamsters.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 68.2

“Oh my God, boss, tenth, seventeenth, everything on our body was lost, and my artificial arm was melted.”

Was that cruel person responsible for their appearance?

You said that such a wealthy planet master could be so stingy, vindictive, and with great vengeance.

“Rich people are not a good thing.”

This kind of outraged language came from the hamster thief’s mouth and seemed extremely funny.

“What are you doing? You haven’t come to help me bite the rope yet.”

When these hamsters realized they were still alive, their first thought was to find a way to get free.

The people who trapped them were extremely stupid. They only knew how to get rid of their equipment, but their teeth were also excellent weapons.

Some hamsters cried when he stated this: “My former teeth, the teeth are gone.”

All of their teeth were intact, but the artificial metal teeth had all been knocked off.

The Evil Planet Master.

“Principal, they call you the evil planet master!”

The cubs echoed these people’s words to Xu Qiu and read their hearts.

Then they babblingly learned some words, all of which would be harmonious.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 68.1

Chapter 68.1

Xu Qiu turned around and fled the room hastily.

She took a deep breath and motioned for the little robot assistant who had come with her to stay.

“You wait here first, and I’ll go get some clothes.”

In the kindergarten, there were just cubs and two adults, Xu Qiu and Jin Xingxing.

They also specially created several other sets when they previously tailored kindergarten clothes. In addition to kindergarten clothes, there are labor clothes for hard tasks that are thicker, more resistant to friction, and less likely to become dirty.

It’s not good-looking, but he can wear it.

When Bai Sa transformed into a humanoid, the fur on his body became a pair of fur pants.

Because the white rabbit is coated in fur, it only makes sense that it would leave some loincloth.

Xu Qiu isn’t sure if the man should have been wearing underpants right now.

Is this the distinction between a cub and an adult?

When she noticed his shirtless torso and long bare legs, Xu Qiu turned around and glanced at the stranger without being disrespectful.

However, she couldn’t stop picturing the other person’s gleaming white thighs.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 67.2

Xu Qiu has been greedy for these rewards for a long time, but there are many jobs on it, all of which are to bandage the wounds.

This cubs’ fur is fine, and there is no wound, and it is impossible for the cubs to injure themselves in order to complete this quest achievement intentionally.

It is even more difficult for her since Xu Qiu is more scared of pain, and if a girl is hurt, there will be scars.

It is a good constitution that can be cured, but it will take a long time and the scars will not fade.

But now!

Xu Qiu’s gaze was drawn to these unfortunate thieves.

Here’s a ready-to-use tool for these tasks!

Looking at the clash between the two sides, the snow-white Arctic hare is likely to be on the righteous side, even if it is not a law enforcer.

Xu Qiu had no plans to release the rabbit at the moment. After all, as soon as he awoke, the other party smashed the hamster with a sledgehammer.

This is done to avert potentially disastrous effects.

But, within a certain range, Xu Qiu thought she could choose to be kinder to the Arctic hare.

The two groups of individuals who appeared out of nowhere kept Xu Qiu and the cub busy, and they concluded their work late at night.

The initial hot pot ingredients were far too late to eat, but everyone gathered around and ate it for an hour or two before the next day.

Translations are by littleboattranslation [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Xu Qiu threw everything into the pot and prepared a spicy hot pot.

Her scorching and numbingly delicious hot pot is a type of dry stir-fried food. Dishes that have been washed for a long time are poured into the pot, followed by Xu Qiu’s secret chile oil.

Xu Qiu didn’t pour much, considering the cubs’ ability to eat hot food.

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The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 67.1

Nobody out of the forty thieves awoke.

It was the big white rabbit, who seemed to be covered in snow.

It’s perfectly natural. According to the injury test, the wounds on the white rabbits are substantially lighter than those on the hamsters. There are no burns on the body, only some impact wounds.

Xu Qiu had a strong suspicion that the most serious harm the other party had experienced was from the head that his little robot had knocked on.

But this was done by himself and had nothing to do with their kindergarten.

Xu Qiu momentarily untied the rabbit’s bindings due to the injury inspection.

She watched the big white rabbit, which looked like a snow dumpling, raise its front limbs, hiding its spherical headshell, then put both front paws down and stand up staggeringly.

The expression on Xu Qiu’s face shifted from =_= to =O=!

The white rabbit’s little short legs sprang up, then grew higher and higher until they became four long legs!

What is the problem with this bunny? Why is it so unlike those short-legged bunnies?

When you’re crouching, you look so cute; why do you stand up so strangely? What a terrifying occurrence!

“How are you feeling?”

It’s quite good to wake up. She can now determine who this person is. It also explains why he is here if he is the police officer tracking the 40 thieves.

After all, their kindergarten only has so much space, which is insufficient to house 40 hamsters.

Small animals, such as hamsters, appear to enjoy nocturnal activities.

Her friend used to claim that people with neurasthenia would go insane if they heard that clacking noise at night.

The White Rabbit:…

This big white rabbit stared blankly at Xu Qiu.

His expression spoke the familiar lines: Who am I? Where am I?

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